April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s tourist boom brings both benefits and challenges to local residents

For 2023, the municipality of Tulum aims to surpass the figure of over 1,785,000 tourists recorded in 2022. To achieve this, they are conducting numerous tourism fairs to promote the municipality and its tourist attractions, such as its coasts and archeology.

It is worth noting that the municipality is still recovering from the pandemic. In comparison to 2021, there was a 67.8% increase in the percentage of tourists, a 148% increase in economic influx, and an 18.4% increase in hotel occupancy.

Tulum's tourist boom brings both benefits and challenges to local residents

Despite these numbers, some residents of the municipality have come forward to denounce the poor quality of life they experience, as the economic influx in the municipality is not distributed equally among all.

Improvements in the Tulum archeological zone and the official opening of the Jaguar National Park will undoubtedly contribute to generating better visitor statistics in the destination. Visitors are encouraged to not only stay in the area but to also explore the Mayan zone of Tulum and the city center, where there is much to discover about this local urban culture.


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