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The Tulum Times is the voice of our community in Tulum. Writing guest posts is a great opportunity to reach several thousand readers with your stories, experiences, best practices, successes and difficulties, tips and new ideas. Got a news story you want to spark conversation around? Share it and find out what others think. Want to blog something you learned about Tulum? This is a space to share.

We love conversation amongst our The Tulum Times visitors and that includes guest post suggestions for the news portal.

What We Offer

Your voice will reach a global audience, and our strong positioning means readers will recognize and find your articles first. You will be acknowledged as the author of the article along with a link to your website or social media.

We want YOU

Yes, you. We’re always looking for new authors.

What kind of guest posts do we accept?
We welcome useful, interesting, well-written posts, with content focused on the wide variety of subjects related to Tulum, personal stories or parents who blog. We feature posts about travel, food, lifestyle, Tulum’s experiences and more.

We do not take posts from SEO companies, so please don’t ask!

Have a look at The Tulum Times to see what we’ve included previously. And remember: guest posts aren’t restricted to text-only – we feature video blogs and photos as well!

Leading the conversation on the topics that get us really fired up are all great topics to get people talking. If you have a new angle, or a new point to make, let’s hear it!

Ready to start?

If you already want to start exposing your own content on our digital platform and social networks, we propose you to know and sign our confidentiality agreement so we can start working together:

If you think you have a great topic contact us via [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get back to you within the week.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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