April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Mayan Caribbean: thousands of vacationers arrive to discover its beauty

The 2023 Easter vacation season in the capital of the Mayan Caribbean has successfully begun, with significant occupancy reported in the main areas and attractions of the city.

In the coastal and downtown areas of Tulum, which offer over 10,981 hotel rooms, initial data suggest that occupancy will exceed 85%, a percentage that had not been achieved since the pandemic closure in 2020.

At the archaeological site, tourist service providers began reporting a high influx of vacationers on Wednesday, and it is expected that the walled city will break historical records. In January of this year alone, it received 212,215 visitors compared to 114,187 tourists who visited in January 2022, representing an 85.8% increase.

Tulum's Mayan Caribbean: thousands of vacationers arrive to discover its beauty

At a welcoming event for vacationers, Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo informed that representatives of the Red Cross, Civil Protection, Heroic Fire Department, and law enforcement are ready to serve tourists.

“Tulum is safe. Enjoy this paradise, its natural beauty, Mayan culture, and archaeological treasures during this Easter and Holy Week,” said the mayor, who acknowledged the support that Governor Mara Lezama has provided to make tourism the “shared prosperity engine not only of Quintana Roo but also of Mexico.”

According to Tulum authorities, the work agenda at the recent Mexico City Tourism Fair is yielding results this Easter 2023. This is due to the promotion not only of beach activities but also of cultural events, gastronomy, sustainability, and the cosmopolitan, multicultural, and multilingual lifestyle that is experienced in the capital of the Mayan Caribbean.

Tulum's Mayan Caribbean: thousands of vacationers arrive to discover its beauty

In January 2023, tourism in the Riviera Maya grew by 41% compared to the same month in 2022. During this period, Tulum doubled its visitors, going from 90,458 to 181,777, representing the most significant growth in the area.

“Tulum is the future, and for us, the future of tourism is to strengthen human relationships in a relaxed, surprising, and, most importantly, memorable and shared experience. Welcome to this blessed land,” concluded Castañón Trejo.

Tulum Archaeological Zone – A Must-Visit Destination for Tourists During Holy Week

Tulum's Mayan Caribbean: thousands of vacationers arrive to discover its beauty

The Archaeological Zone of Tulum is teeming with tourists during Holy Week, despite the violence that has occurred at the start of the vacation period in Quintana Roo. The rest is smooth sailing, as tourists are arriving in great numbers to the destinations of the Mexican Caribbean, causing places like the Archaeological Zone of Tulum to be packed with visitors.

Despite everything, travelers have placed their trust in Quintana Roo to enjoy their vacations, which is reflected in the hotel occupancy rates of the destinations.

It is worth mentioning that in the specific case of Tulum, the projections made by the municipal president, Diego Castañón, during the 47th edition of the Tianguis Turístico, seem to be coming true, due to the number of travelers who began arriving in the ninth municipality last week.

One of the standout things is that the vast majority of tourists who have come to Tulum to spend Holy Week have visiting the Archaeological Zone as one of their top priorities.


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