Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo's Ecotourism Hub

July 12, 2024
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Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo's Ecotourism Hub

Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo’s Ecotourism Hub

Unveiling Muyil's Ecotourism Potential as a Gateway to the Maya World. Preserving Identity, Embracing Heritage, and Defending Culture in Quintana Roo.
Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo's Ecotourism Hub

TULUM, México – In a recent meeting between the State Tourism Secretariat (Sedetur) and the promoters of the initiative, it was revealed that Muyil possesses all the necessary features to become an Ecotourism Corridor. This designation entails a series of actions that involve the Tulum International Airport and the entire developing infrastructure in the area, with support from municipal and state authorities.

“Our primary intention is to defend the Maya identity, the identity of Muyil, the Maya zone in the southern part of Quintana Roo, and safeguard its historical legacy, traditions, and customs,” expressed representatives from Muyil Xperience, a consulting firm, to Omar Govea Hernández, the Undersecretary of Tourism Planning and Development, who represented Sedetur.

Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo's Ecotourism Hub

The proposal suggests that the Ecotourism Corridor recognition should come hand-in-hand with the designation “Gateway to the Natural World of Sian Ka’an.” Additionally, it aims to differentiate the Tulum International Airport from Felipe Carrillo Puerto by using the “Gateway to the Maya World” designation.

While acknowledging the unparalleled economic success of northern Quintana Roo, spearheaded by Cancún, the proponents emphasized that this development has brought about considerable transculturation, loss of values, customs, and identity. They adamantly declared that they do not want to replicate this scenario in the Maya region. Consequently, they emphasized that their principal commitment and obligation amidst these new growth projects are to defend the Maya identity in the southern part of the state, especially now with the advent of the Tulum airport and the Maya Train.

Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo's Ecotourism Hub

“We are committed to preserving this identity, ensuring that we do not end up as an extension of Tulum, and prevent the spread of this tourist model to the southern part of the state. We seek to create a counterbalance. While the northern part of the state may thrive with its array of bars, real estate developments, and grand tourist resorts, we want the other half of the state to promote the Maya culture, natural world, and biodiversity,” emphasized the presenters.

Achieving this goal requires a paradigm shift and collaborative efforts. Central to this endeavor is the need for the airport to acquire an official designation, the “Gateway to the Maya World.” Although this designation has already been presented to airport authorities via email, no response has been received yet. It has also been forwarded to the state governor, Mara Lezama, who has welcomed the idea warmly and even shared related posts on social media.

Muyil Emerges as Quintana Roo's Ecotourism Hub

“Our intention is for the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) to receive this information as well. While the governor has acknowledged and used the designation, our ultimate aim is for the airport administrators to adopt it formally and institutionally,” emphasized the proponents.

The hope is that tourists arriving at this airport will be aware that they have landed in a destination vastly different from Cancún and Playa del Carmen. Muyil stands as a place where Maya identity is cherished, preventing it from becoming a mere showcase of billboards and spectacles, much like what occurs at the Cancún International Airport.

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