Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

July 25, 2024
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Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Gay Tulum was a holiday-spot for the Mayan Kings, the original sun worshipers and their legacy can still be viewed today, right on the beach.

Tulum, just 40 minutes’ drive from nearby Playa del Carmen is located at the end of the Riviera Maya. The Riviera is a stunning stretch of coastline that runs from 10 miles south of Cancun, includes the beach town of Playa del Carmen and finishes 75 miles later at Tulum.

Tulum is surrounded by beautiful lush jungles and magical freshwater cenotes. It is also home to some stunning hotels, authentic restaurants and cool cocktail hang-outs. With soft sandy beaches, perfect weather and crystal-clear waters, it is easy to get lost in this Mexican paradise.

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Where to stay in Gay Tulum?

Tulum is full of independent charming boutique hotels offering beach side luxury with an relaxed vibe, embracing the natural beauty of the surrounding jungle.

Tulum is roughly divided into 2 main areas: the pueblo (downtown) and the playa (beach), about 5 km apart from one another. There is no electrical grid reaching the beach zone, which means there hotels are independently owned or belong to small, high-quality, local chains – cozy by necessity because they are all solar-powered or run by small generators

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Book very early for the best hotels on the Tulum beach. Six months in advance is good, nine months is better.

Tulum has several beautiful villas by the beach and in the town. They are finished to a very high standard and some even offer a full time chef! The villas are great for special occasions or for groups seeking affordable 5 star luxury. Check out our top 10 villa guide to Tulum!

Recommended hotels in Tulum for Gays

The Mezzanine

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy. Enjoy happiness, rays of the sun, a beautiful beach and breath-taking views. Relish great service in a stunning, luxurious hotel. Mezzanine offers you that Mexican vacation you’ve been waiting for.

La Valise

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Tulum’s Best Boutique Hotel on the Beach – La Valise is the perfect beach and jungle getaway with its beautiful rooms and stunning beachfront views it makes for the most picturesque stay on the beach in Tulum. Heated infinity pool overlooking the jungle on one end and breath-taking views of the Caribbean ocean on the other side. Beds directly on the beach for lounging in the day or laying beneath the stars at night.

Una Vida Tulum

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

This hotel is located in The Pueblo. This neighborhood has a local vibe, boutique hotels and located about a 15 min bike ride to the beaches.

Eleven separate and independent Villas, with jungle and garden views. Among tall trees, dream catchers and locally sourced handcrafts, with a zen like pool and common area, Una Vida is a fit for families, friends and couples looking for a quiet, fun and chic atmosphere to spend time together.

Tulum Gay Scene

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Tulum is a laid-back laissez-faire destination with a live-and-let-live attitude. The scene is definitely gay-friendly, less circuit-party and more afternoon T-dance.

Tulum is safe, friendly and runs on its own time. No rushing or watches necessary.

The town attracts visitors from around the world, from expat hippies to hipsters. No matter where you visit, you will find a warm welcome from both locals and fellow chilled travellers.

Tulum Gay Friendly Bars

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum
  • Fruitys cocktail bar is the only gay bar in Tulum. *Closed Dec 2021
  • Gitano has a laid-back ambiance and great outdoor seating with a great cocktail menu. Order some Mezcal or Mexican Gin.
  • Try some expertly made cocktails at Casa Jaguar, where they combine Mezcal with hibiscus, cinnamon, and orange.
  • Todos Santos has great service, excellent music and in a stylish location.
  • Visit Batey, ( look out for the brightly painted old Beetle parked outside) a downtown bar that specialises in mojitos made with local fruit, pressed as you watch.

Gay friendly restaurants in Tulum

You will find Tulum’s best restaurants in the Pueblo and Middle Beach Zone. The Pueblo has more authentic, affordable restaurants, while the Middle Beach Zone has more chic, upscale eateries. Most restaurants in the beach zones are on the jungle side of the road with outdoor seating.

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum
  • Visit Tunich for some great all day brunch including chilaquiles and egges benedict.
  • Try the ceviche and seafood at El Camello
  • Dine out at Los Aguachiles. Try their los figurines (lettuce wraps with fresh seafood) and aguachidos, an extra-spicy northern take on ceviche with cucumber, pickled red onion, purple cabbage, and a habanero salsa that the menu says is “grate for killing a hangover.”
  • Try Posada Margherita a fabulous beachside Italian restaurant with freshly prepared pastas and pizzas.
  • Hartwood is solar powered and candle lit with a first served policy and a daily changing menu that runs out quickly!
  • Try MEZE is a stylish Greek taverna specializing in meze plates (the Greek version of tapas) and creative cocktails.
  • Arca is in the Middle Beach zone and serves flame cooked Maya-Mexican dishes and is open Tuesday to Sunday. Reservations are recommended. Cash only..
  • Clan Destino, also in the Middle Beach zone is built around a private cenote in the jungle and serves delicious burgers and classic cocktails.
  • Wild is a chic jungle dining experience offering gourmet Mexican dishes. Great for a special occasion.
  • Meat lovers will adore Casa Banana with the best steak in town and must-try homemade chorizo.

Credit Card V Cash? How to pay.

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Most restaurants and bars, even the pricy ones, are cash only. You can pay in either Mexican pesos or U.S. dollars, but the exchange rate works in your favour if you pay in pesos. Thankfully, there are plenty of ATMs around—just make sure that the one you’re at dispenses local currency.

Tulum beaches for Gays

Tulum is blessed with truly amazing beaches with white powdery sands and azure waters. The beaches are great for swimming as Tulum is protected against the rough seas from the nearby Island of Cozumel. The beach is further divided into about 4 areas.

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum
  • North beach zone is a quiet, romantic area with great hotels and restaurants near the ancient Maya ruins.
  • The beach town is at the centre, busy with shops, restaurants and hotels.
  • The middle beach zone has luxury hotels and great nightlife option while the South Beach zone is more relaxed and home to luxury hotels and yoga retreats.

Playa Ruinas
One of the most-photographed beaches in the Americas, this beach is home to the clifftop Castillo, built as a watchtower in the 13th century. It has become the third most-visited archaeological site in Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichén Itzá. The beach itself however is quiet and relaxed. Book a hotel near here!

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Santa Fe
The Santa Fe beach can be found 5 minutes from the Mayan Ruins and is the prefect place for an afternoon of sunbathing.

Playa Paraiso
This beach is aptly named and lives up to its reputation. The beach is surrounded by looming palm trees and rugged cliffs. The beach is large, so even when it gets busy, there is plenty of space, and if you are feeling peckish, head to some of the great seafront restaurants for food and cocktails. Stay close to Playa Paraiso.

South Beach
For a truly luxurious beach experience, rent a cabana at Casa Malca or Nest’s beach clubs (reservations recommended). For a more low key beach experience, visit Om or Maalix’s Beach Clubs

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Middle Beach Zone
This is the liveliest beachfront in Tulum lined with hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. The beach is long and full of uninterrupted sugary white sand. Try Cocos beach club for a lively vibe and hip sun lounger neighbours!

Beaches beyond Tulum
Akumal Beach is just a 30 minute drive from central Tulum. It has everything you need for a beach-day escape with plenty of restaurants, bars and sun loungers to rent.

Those looking for a more relaxed retreat should head to “Secret Beach” a secluded spot located deep in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve. It takes about an hour to reach by bike!

Gay Tulum, when to visit?

Gay friendly places to enjoy in Tulum

Tulum’s rainiest months are June, September, and October. avoid September and October, the rainiest months.
The three-month stretch from end of October to December is the best time to visit, when hurricane season is over and the weather is warm but not oppressively hot.
January through March see the biggest wave of tourists, so avoid that time if you’re not a fan of crowds.

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