April 6, 2024
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Tulum Technological University Unveils Remarkable Success in CENEVAL’s EXANI II Exam

TULUM, México – Amidst the anticipation of the forthcoming 2023-2024 academic year, Tulum Technological University (TTU) recently orchestrated a highly successful administration of the EXANI II diagnostic exam, conducted by the National Center for Higher Education Assessment (CENEVAL). This accomplishment solidifies TTU’s standing as an exceptional academic institution, attracting hundreds of ambitious young minds in the region. The registration process bore witness to a remarkable turnout of high school graduates expressing interest in pursuing degrees in Gastronomy and Tourism, both highly sought-after programs offered by the university.

Spanning from April to July, the EXANI II assessment gauges students’ general knowledge in key areas such as administration, economics, and arithmetic, aligning seamlessly with the diverse array of courses TTU provides. Rector Carlos Mario Uc Sosa underscored the diagnostic nature of this evaluation, emphasizing its non-selective approach in accordance with the “Zero Rejection” program championed by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the State Education Quality Service (SEQ).

Tulum Technological University Unveils Remarkable Success in CENEVAL's EXANI II Exam

Beyond its diagnostic function, the implementation of EXANI II serves as a robust statistical tool, enabling the university to develop tailored academic enhancement strategies for its students at the higher education level. In the spirit of promoting educational transformation, TTU endeavors to ensure that every enthusiastic young resident of Tulum municipality is granted equal opportunity to join its academic ranks.

Tulum Technological University Unveils Remarkable Success in CENEVAL's EXANI II Exam

For those aspiring to further their higher education journey at TTU, an exciting announcement has surfaced—the upcoming second call for applications, slated to open in August. Prospective candidates are earnestly encouraged to connect with the university through its active social media channels or via the dedicated contact number (9843103064) to glean comprehensive insights into the registration process. Undoubtedly, TTU reaffirms its steadfast commitment to expanding access to superior education within the community while bolstering academic development throughout the region.


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