April 6, 2024
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Soriana Foundation’s Eco-Stove Gift Sparks Hope in Tulum’s Maya Communities

TULUM, México – President Diego Castañón has been actively nurturing relationships with both local and far-reaching entrepreneurs. While Tulum’s allure remains rooted in its rich cultural heritage and the mystical aura of its ancient Mayan past, the pressing need for sustainable development has gained prominence in recent years.

Recognizing the significance of preserving the pristine beauty of the Zona Maya and acknowledging the responsibility to protect its indigenous inhabitants, President Castañón has endeavored to forge alliances that bring positive change to the community. His outreach transcends geographical boundaries, as evident in his collaboration with entities beyond Tulum, notably in Nuevo León.

Soriana Foundation's Eco-Stove Gift Sparks Hope in Tulum's Maya Communities

A beacon of hope and a harbinger of progress, Diego Castañón reached out to Soriana Foundation, a philanthropic organization renowned for its commitment to social causes and eco-friendly initiatives. Soriana Foundation’s mission aligned seamlessly with President Castañón’s vision, making it a natural partner in his quest for sustainable solutions.

Through his direct engagement with Ricardo Martín Bringas, President of Soriana Foundation, Diego Castañón secured an impressive donation of 250 state-of-the-art eco-friendly stoves. These innovative stoves stand as a testament to modern technology’s power to preserve and honor age-old traditions. Fashioned from reinforced concrete and embellished with detachable metal plates and rings, the stoves artfully combine functionality with reverence for the region’s culinary customs.

Soriana Foundation's Eco-Stove Gift Sparks Hope in Tulum's Maya Communities

The impact of Soriana Foundation’s benevolence reaches far beyond the monetary value of the stoves. For the families residing in the five Maya communities, these eco-friendly stoves signify an opportunity for transformation. Embracing these new cooking devices translates into a dramatic reduction of up to 60% in firewood consumption, alleviating the strain on the region’s precious forests and promoting a greener lifestyle.

Moreover, the stoves’ ingenious design prioritizes safety, ensuring that families can cherish their cherished culinary practices without compromising their well-being. As the comforting aromas of traditional Mayan dishes waft through the air, there will be a newfound assurance that the flames within these stoves pose no threat to the households they serve.

Soriana Foundation's Eco-Stove Gift Sparks Hope in Tulum's Maya Communities

Claudia Aguado, Director of Soriana Foundation, was effusive in her praise for Diego Castañón’s unwavering determination and proactive approach in securing the support. His relentless efforts paved the way for a partnership that is set to bring lasting change to the Zona Maya. Under his leadership, Tulum is evolving into a symbol of sustainability and community empowerment.

In an era where environmental consciousness and responsible stewardship reign supreme, the collaboration between Diego Castañón and Soriana Foundation serves as a beacon of hope. The selfless gesture of Soriana Foundation reflects the organization’s commitment to creating tangible impacts on the ground, inspiring other corporations to follow suit.

Soriana Foundation's Eco-Stove Gift Sparks Hope in Tulum's Maya Communities

Soriana Foundation’s donation represents not just an environmental triumph but also a testament to the enduring power of partnerships between public and private entities. Together, they have ignited a spark of positive change that illuminates the path toward a more sustainable Tulum.


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