April 6, 2024
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Is Tulum haunted? Tiktoker reveals terrifying moment

Through social networks, a young tiktoker revealed the terrifying moment she experienced during her vacation and claims that Tulum is haunted.

Have you ever experienced a terrifying moment? That was the question asked to a young tiktoker and her answer has surprised many, as she assures that Tulum is haunted and says she will never return to that tourist destination because of everything that happened to her.

Through social networks, a young foreigner shared in a video that she would never return to Tulum on vacation because it is a very scary place and during her vacation she experienced a moment that would leave more than one of us frozen.

Is Tulum haunted? Tiktoker reveals terrifying moment

The young man said in the video that he saw a “non-human” face watching her while she slept in her room.

In addition to the inhuman face, the tiktoker narrated several other situations she experienced throughout her vacation in one of the hotels in that city.

According to the Tik Tok user, her experience took place during 2020; however, she still thinks about it because since she arrived in Tulum many strange things happened; among them she highlighted that there were many strange sounds, besides she never had a signal on her cell phone.

In the first days of her vacation in Tulum, the user said that there were many strange noises and a strange vibration, but that it had not become a big deal. However, one night when she was watching a movie with the lights off, she felt the need to look out the window and it was at that moment when she saw a non-human face.

“It didn’t look like a human face, but you could tell it was a face. I turned to see it, if it had been a person it would have moved, it didn’t, it was looking at me,” the young woman recounted.

She assured that it was looking her in the eyes, so she decided to turn everything off and cover herself with the blankets. The next day she checked the place and confirmed that it was impossible for anything to peek out, as her hotel room was over a tree.

In addition to this face, the next night he told that around 2:30 in the morning he received a call from an unknown number, which he decided not to answer.

Of course, the social networks have already done their thing and have viralized this story in addition to saying that it was certain that what she saw was an alux, which is a type of goblin or spirit very popular in Mayan mythology.

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