April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Real Estate boom: 300 fresh developments to check out by 2023

The President of AMPI Tulum, Luis Francisco Reyna Gómez, predicts that there will be around 300 modern genuine domain advancements within the region by 2023, with a lion’s share of them being for private and commercial rentals. There are as of now a few genuine bequest ventures beneath development, with others in quick conveyance or pre-sale. Reyna Gómez recognizes that the Tulum genuine bequest showcase is always changing, but he accepts that the Maya Prepare and modern airplane terminal venture will create a boost in request for both long-term and excursion rentals. He thinks that Tulum may be a first-class visitor goal with a part of potential to extend request.

As detailed in a report by AMPI Tulum President, Luis Francisco Reyna Gómez, there will be around 300 unused improvements within the region by 2023. The larger part of these improvements will be for private and commercial rentals. Reyna Gómez clarified that there are right now a few genuine domain ventures beneath development, whereas others are within the prepare of quick conveyance and a few still in pre-sale.

Tulum's Real Estate boom: 300 fresh developments to check out by 2023

“There really is a very wide variety in delivery dates and types of developments, including commercial but mostly residential,” he said.

Despite the changing market in Tulum, Reyna Gómez hopes that investments will continue. “It is very ambiguous. I think that every year in Tulum is different and at every moment, we as real estate agents, see that the market is changing and new things are coming. We forecast that the municipality will have a similar pace to 2022 in the matter of real estate projects,” he said.


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