April 6, 2024
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Tulum will have a nest-shaped hotel

The international firm DNA Barcelona Architects unveiled the “Cocoon Hotel & Resort” project in Tulum.

It is a new eco-resort within Selva Zamá, one of the areas that is part of the Aldea Zamá community.

A complex under development of houses, condominiums, hotels, beach clubs and other amenities.

According to the studio, the project, inspired by the sea and the exotic forest, will feature a design that resembles a bird’s nest.

Tulum will have a nest-shaped hotel

This simulates a sense of protection to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable stay in the middle of nature.

It should be noted that DNA’s idea was to create Cenotes that would allow maximum disconnection and relaxation from everyday life, so the spa, saunas and community pools have been developed under this idea.


The complex consists of 46,181 m2 in which three residential buildings and two hotels with 204 apartments and 167 rooms, as well as 16 private villas will be located.

Each nest represents the union of the community that gathers in the center, right where the pools that simulate cenotes are located.

Tulum will have a nest-shaped hotel

Therefore, it offers luxury community spaces integrated into nature, such as jungle gardens, magical spaces for outdoor living.

Villas, multipurpose pavilion, leisure areas, gym, kid’s club, conference hall, bar, restaurant and a panoramic nest with breathtaking and unrestricted views.


The firm also emphasizes the concept of sustainability while respecting the ecosystem and biodiversity.

For this reason, natural materials will be used to minimize the impact of construction and waste generation.

In addition to the materials, the water collection system will capture rainwater for use in wastewater treatment.

And solar panels will be implemented for sustainable electricity.


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