Tulum Land Values Set to Rise by Up to 25%

July 12, 2024
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Tulum Land Values Set to Rise by Up to 25%

Tulum Land Values Set to Rise by Up to 25%

Uncover the remarkable growth potential of Tulum's lands with infrastructure progress and private investments. Francisco Reyna Gómez, esteemed President of AMPI's ninth municipality, sheds light on the surge.
Tulum Land Values Set to Rise by Up to 25%

With the rapid progress of infrastructure development in the Federation and the influx of private investment, the value of lands in the picturesque town of Tulum is poised to experience a remarkable surge of approximately 20 to 25 percent, as highlighted by Francisco Reyna Gómez, the esteemed president of the ninth municipality of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

Delving into the historical trajectory, Reyna Gómez elucidated how, due to a variety of circumstances, the prices of lands in the coveted Aldea Zamá area witnessed an astounding fourfold increase a decade ago. Similarly, several other regions experienced a commendable uptick of roughly 20 percent. However, the ongoing development of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, the Tren Maya railway project, and the creation of the Jaguar National Park are set to organically amplify the allure of Tulum for potential buyers and sellers alike.

Reyna Gómez emphasized that Tulum’s most coveted regions, including region 15, 8, Selva, and Aldea Zamá, have enjoyed the most substantial appreciation in value and are currently witnessing robust development owing to their close proximity to tourist hotspots and pristine beaches. These areas, nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty and brimming with cultural heritage, have become magnets for real estate enthusiasts seeking to tap into the town’s remarkable potential.

Tulum Land Values Set to Rise by Up to 25%

“Looking back into the past, we can vividly recall a remarkable fourfold increase in land value on these plots. At present, it is palpable that many lands have experienced a commendable 15 to 20 percent increase in value, contingent upon their location. Undoubtedly, the ongoing infrastructure projects have contributed significantly to the appreciation of all areas, further bolstered by private investments in the real estate sector,” asserted Reyna Gómez with conviction.

Furthermore, Reyna Gómez ventured that the visionary plans for the International Airport will inevitably lead to a considerable surge in land value, projecting a conservative estimate of 25 percent increment. This forward-thinking approach aims to attract a myriad of opportunities, ensuring that Tulum cements its position as an enticing investment hub and a bustling epicenter of growth.

Reyna Gómez also pointed out that the outskirts of the municipal seat, particularly the southeastern region, have already laid the foundation for future developments. Plans for a cutting-edge shopping center in the vicinity have been announced, underscoring Tulum’s status as a burgeoning destination marked by continuous development and construction. As stakeholders in the real estate domain, they are actively contributing to this unprecedented and pivotal juncture in Tulum’s history.

Consequently, the industrious entrepreneurs, the vibrant real estate community, and the local population at large are acutely aware of the progress and advancements taking place within the region. Their excitement is palpable as they witness substantial transformations and monumental evolution unfolding in their midst, ushering in a new era of prosperity and growth.

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