April 6, 2024
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Unprecedented Growth of Infrastructure in Tulum’s Mayan Zone

Four significant infrastructure projects aimed at improving roadways have been initiated in Maya communities in Tulum. In an unprecedented event, Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo led the inauguration of investments that will address long-standing requests from Yaxche-Chanchen Palmar, Sahcabmucuy, San Juan de Dios, and Chanchen 1.

Today, during an exhaustive work tour, Mayor Diego Castañón launched the rehabilitation of the access road to the Mayan zone, specifically the Yaxche-Chanchen Palmar section. His administration will invest $6,936,805.79 pesos, sourced from the Federal Revenue-Sharing Fund (Ramo28), benefiting 964 individuals.

Unprecedented Growth of Infrastructure in Tulum's Mayan Zone

Simultaneously, the mayor gave the green light for street paving works in the locality of Chanchen 1, second phase, with an investment of $2,995,662.39 pesos from the Fund for Strengthening Social, Municipal, and Territorial Infrastructure (FAISMUN-DF). This project will benefit 1,078 people.

“These projects serve as tangible evidence of my unwavering commitment to you,” stated the mayor.

Without halting the march towards Transformation, the mayor and his council activated the works for project MT DGPM-2309003 – Street paving in the locality of Sahcabmucuy, second phase. An amount of $2,496,540.56 pesos from FAISMUN-DF will be injected to benefit 596 individuals.

Unprecedented Growth of Infrastructure in Tulum's Mayan Zone

“These projects are for you, for your children who represent the future of Tulum, Quintana Roo, and Mexico,” the mayor expressed while accompanied by the directors responsible for addressing the needs of the Maya communities.

Towards the end of his work tour, Castañón Trejo visited the locality of San Juan de Dios, where he initiated the works for project MT-DGPM-2309001 – Street paving. An investment of $3,793,440.03 pesos from FAISMUN-DF will be allocated to benefit 770 people.

Unprecedented Growth of Infrastructure in Tulum's Mayan Zone

“The commitments of this administration are being fulfilled. We are all on the same path, united for a better Tulum. Our sole project is to ensure that the citizens benefit from these projects,” he declared.

During the project kick-offs, delegates Fernando Cocom Tun from San Juan de Dios, Cristóbal Canul from Sahcab-Mucuy, Cástula Che Ciau from Chanchen 1, Gerónimo Canul from Yaxché, and Martiniano May from Chanchen Palmar were present as witnesses.

Unprecedented Growth of Infrastructure in Tulum's Mayan Zone

Accompanying the mayor on the work tour were Municipal Syndic María Teresa Arana Sánchez, councilors David Manances Tah Balam, Martin Dzib Chimal, Fany Gallegos Sánchez, Carlos Adolfo Coral, Paulina Malpica Yáñez, Eva Rosely Rocha Geded, as well as directors Carlos Efraín Yama Moguel, Lorenzo Bernabé Miranda, Audomaro Solís Pacheco, Bady Gómez Soberano, Jesús Alberto Interian, Controller Aracely Díaz, and Secretary General Jorge Portilla Mánica, among others.

Unprecedented Growth of Infrastructure in Tulum's Mayan Zone

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