Tulum's Remarkable $11 Million Renovation for Punta Allen's Route

July 12, 2024
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Tulum's Remarkable $11 Million Renovation for Punta Allen's Route

Tulum’s Remarkable $11 Million Renovation for Punta Allen’s Route

Tulum Municipal Council approves 6 transformative projects for community development, including road rehabilitation, infrastructure improvements, and more.
Tulum's Remarkable $11 Million Renovation for Punta Allen's Route

TULUM, México – The Tulum Municipal Council granted approval to six important projects aimed at improving the living conditions and infrastructure within the municipality. Under the leadership of Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo, the council emphasized their responsibility as public servants to fulfill the needs of the community.

One of the key projects focuses on the rehabilitation of a 45-kilometer stretch of road connecting the municipal headquarters to Punta Allen. Over the years, this road has been in dire need of maintenance, and the council, with the support of Mayor Castañón Trejo, successfully secured a budget of approximately 11 million pesos for its refurbishment.

Mayor Castañón Trejo assured the community that the council remains committed to fulfilling its promises, stating, “We assured you that we would rehabilitate the road, and now it has received approval from the council. This is a long-awaited benefit that the community has been requesting for a significant period. We want everyone to know that there is a change happening, and we are attentive to their needs.”

Tulum's Remarkable $11 Million Renovation for Punta Allen's Route

In addition to the road rehabilitation project, the Tulum Municipal Council announced a comprehensive catalog of budgeted works for the Fiscal Year 2023. These projects will receive an investment of 21.4 million pesos and will primarily focus on four communities, including the municipal headquarters.

The approved projects encompass a wide range of infrastructure improvements. They include the construction of an arcotecho structure in the Sacamucuy locality and a similar structure in Akumal. Furthermore, the first phase of electrification and lighting will be implemented in the sports complex walkway in Tulum city. The Francisco Uh May neighborhood will witness the paving of streets and the construction of curbs and sidewalks. Lastly, there will be the rehabilitation of the perimeter fence surrounding the main park and the access road to Punta Allen.

Tulum's Remarkable $11 Million Renovation for Punta Allen's Route

Mayor Castañón Trejo affirmed the council’s dedication to continue working diligently and addressing the needs of the community on a personal level. He stated, “We will continue walking door-to-door, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, listening to the needs of each and every one of you, and most importantly, finding solutions. We are not merely providing a favor; it is our obligation as public servants, and we are continuously making commitments to that end.”

The Tulum Municipal Council’s commitment to community development and the approval of these projects exemplify their dedication to enhancing the overall quality of life for residents. With a proactive approach and an emphasis on meeting the community’s needs, Tulum is poised for positive transformations and progress.

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