April 6, 2024
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Tulum takes a stand against animal cruelty with proposed fines up to 50,000 pesos

In order to combat the distressing issue of animal abuse, the Directorate of Revenues has proposed a comprehensive plan to implement stricter penalties for individuals found guilty of such offenses. The aim is to deter potential perpetrators through the imposition of substantial fines that could exceed $50,000.

In a recent interview, Grisel Mateus García, the esteemed Director of Revenues, shed light on the proposed amendments that are set to be included in the forthcoming 2024 Revenue Law. The intention behind these revisions is to address the alarming prevalence of animal abuse, which has unfortunately become a stark reality in the beautiful region of Tulum.

Mateus García stressed the importance of imposing more severe fines as a means to make potential offenders think twice before engaging in acts of cruelty. By instilling a sense of fear and consequence, the hope is to discourage individuals from perpetuating such reprehensible behavior. It is widely recognized that animal abuse not only inflicts immense suffering on innocent creatures but also indicates a disturbing lack of empathy and compassion within society.

Tulum takes a stand against animal cruelty with proposed fines up to 50,000 pesos
Photo: Hotelito Azul Tulum

While the current regulations regarding fines for animal abuse are stipulated in the existing Ecology Regulations, the proposed changes seek to significantly surpass the current limit of $50,000. Consequently, a rigorous legal analysis will be undertaken, followed by the necessary approval process involving the State Congress, in order to incorporate the revised fines into the updated Revenue Law.

In addition to stringent financial penalties, there has also been deliberation regarding the possibility of introducing imprisonment as a punishment for certain cases of animal abuse. However, it should be noted that this particular aspect is still in the project phase, and a thorough evaluation will be conducted to determine the feasibility and viability of such a measure within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

Tulum takes a stand against animal cruelty with proposed fines up to 50,000 pesos

Mateus García expressed the utmost commitment of the municipal government to engage in dialogue and collaboration with various animal welfare organizations and advocates. This commitment extends to fostering an environment of open communication and support, aiming to create a unified front in the battle against animal abuse. By establishing strong partnerships with those dedicated to protecting and advocating for the welfare of animals, the local government hopes to achieve meaningful progress in addressing this pressing issue.

It is important to recognize that animal abuse not only has severe consequences for the individual animals involved but also reflects on the values and moral fabric of a society. By actively working together, government bodies, animal welfare organizations, and concerned citizens can collectively strive towards eradicating animal abuse and promoting a culture of empathy and respect for all living beings.


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