April 6, 2024
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Tulum International Airport Development Hits 50% Mark, What’s Next?

TULUM, México – The Tulum International Airport is steadily advancing towards its completion. According to the Felipe Ángeles Engineering Group of the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), the airport project has already achieved an impressive 50% progress.

In June, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that construction had surpassed the 44% mark. Furthermore, he revealed that the construction of the 3,700-meter runway was nearing completion, signaling a major milestone for the project.

The responsible project group estimates that the construction of this international airport will take a total of 566 days, utilizing approximately 363 units of heavy machinery. With the steady progress and commitment to quality, the Tulum International Airport is poised to become a critical transportation hub in the region.

The Felipe Ángeles Engineering Group has unveiled plans for the airport’s phased opening in December 2023. In its initial phase, the airport will cater to a significant number of travelers, serving as a gateway to Tulum’s allure. Once fully completed, it is expected to accommodate 5.5 million passengers annually, facilitated by its 13 positions for commercial aircraft.

Highlighting their commitment to environmental stewardship, the Felipe Ángeles Engineering Group emphasized that the Tulum International Airport will be classified as a “green airport” by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The implementation of stringent environmental mitigation measures throughout the construction phases has ensured this commendable distinction.

Tulum International Airport Development Hits 50% Mark, What's Next?

The Tulum International Airport’s comprehensive design encompasses various key areas. These include a general aviation zone and Fixed Base Operation (FBO) facilities, fuel terminals, air traffic control tower, ground support equipment facilities, aircraft waste disposal systems, and wildlife control facilities.

Additionally, the airport will feature a well-planned primary road network, a perimeter wall for enhanced security, wastewater treatment plant, solid waste management facility, and potable water storage.

Furthermore, this airport will serve as the home of the No. 20 Military Air Base, General Brigadier PA Samuel Carlos Rojas Rasso, underscoring the integration of military and civilian operations. The presence of government offices within the airport compound will foster seamless coordination and efficient administration.

With the Tulum International Airport’s steady progress, Tulum’s emergence as a global tourist destination is poised to reach unprecedented heights. Travelers from around the world will soon benefit from enhanced connectivity and accessibility, further bolstering the region’s economy and cultural exchange.


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