April 6, 2024
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Tulum Archaeological Site: Guarding Against Aggressive Touts

TULUM, Quintana Roo – For weeks, units of the National Guard have been stationed at the main entrance of the Tulum archaeological site, striving to restore order and eradicate the commercial chaos caused by aggressive touts known as “jaladores.” These individuals often obstruct the path of tourists on foot or in vehicles, offering tours from their own companies or cooperatives. Some jaladores resort to persistence or even aggression, leading to frequent complaints from visitors.

This crackdown on touts is part of a broader initiative aimed at rescuing and reorganizing the Tulum National Park, with the ultimate goal of incorporating it into the Jaguar National Park. The Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development (Sedatu) has outlined a series of improvement works to achieve this objective.

According to tenants of the Tulum National Park, since the beginning of June, National Guard personnel have been actively preventing these individuals from leaving their designated areas and, as a result, safeguarding tourists from their persistent solicitation.

Tulum Archaeological Site: Guarding Against Aggressive Touts

The main entrance of the archaeological site has long suffered from operational anarchy, tarnishing the tourism experience and undermining the essence of this remarkable area. These jaladores seek to monopolize tourism, brazenly accosting vehicles carrying visitors eager to explore the ancient pyramids.

Furthermore, some of these touts have been found guilty of travel fraud. In recent days, National Guard agents arrested seven individuals after they were found charging $58 USD for entrance wristbands to the archaeological site, while the official cost is only 58 pesos. In addition, altercations among touts have erupted at the monument’s entrance, creating an unwelcome spectacle for tourists.

The presence of the National Guard has brought a sense of relief to both tourists and locals, signaling a step towards restoring the integrity of this culturally significant site. The measures implemented by Sedatu, with the support of the National Guard, demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding Mexico’s rich heritage and fostering sustainable tourism practices.

To further enhance visitor experiences, Sedatu plans to implement a range of long-term improvements, including the establishment of regulated tour guide services and stricter regulation of commercial activities within the park. By doing so, the authorities aim to create an environment where tourists can explore the Tulum archaeological site and immerse themselves in its historical significance without the persistent interference of touts.

Tulum Archaeological Site: Guarding Against Aggressive Touts

The recent efforts to suppress the disruptive presence of jaladores align with a broader trend in Mexico, as authorities across the country strive to combat similar issues faced at various tourist destinations. By maintaining order and ensuring visitor safety, these initiatives seek to reinstate Mexico’s reputation as a world-class tourist destination while preserving its cultural heritage.

As the Tulum National Park continues its journey toward incorporation into the Jaguar National Park, it is hoped that these measures will not only enhance the experience of visitors but also reestablish the sanctity of this ancient Mayan site. The ongoing collaboration between Sedatu and the National Guard represents a commendable step towards protecting Mexico’s cultural treasures, restoring the concept of tourism in the region, and fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

In the face of this positive transformation, tourists can look forward to a revitalized Tulum, where the whispers of history merge harmoniously with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.


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