April 6, 2024
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New paved streets for the Mayan community of Cobá

Hand in hand with businessmen, the municipal president of Tulum, Marciano Dzul Caamal delivered to the Mayan community of Coba, changing its appearance with dignified streets after years of neglect.

This Wednesday, Mayor MDC delivered to the families of the population, a paving work of more than 2 kilometers of streets, as a result of a management before businessmen Cecilia Gómez Farfán, Gilberto Chan and Álvaro Vega.

“These roads were made, promoted by the president together with a group of friends who asked us for support for this community. The communities of Tulumán have really given us a lot, so in some way we wanted to give back to the community,” said businesswoman Cecilia Gómez Farfán.

New paved streets for the Mayan community of Cobá

Likewise, Mayor Marciano Dzul, did not hesitate to reiterate that his management towards the towns of the transition zone, has been longstanding, and today, as municipal president, he fulfills Cobá, as never before in history with the paving of more than 2 kilometers of road.

“What we are doing, we did not start it today, even though we were not in authority seven years ago we came to Coba and improved a little with the help of some dump trucks. Today as municipal president it is my turn to ask for support and with the help of businessmen, we did this work for the benefit of all,” he said.

He reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to continue supporting the families of Coba with works of high social impact.

New paved streets for the Mayan community of Cobá

“To your friend Marciano you will always have him here working hand in hand, without promising things that I cannot deliver. I always say, I am committed to work and I will look for ways to continue advancing so that we all have a better quality of life,” he said.

A mother of a family, Leticia Caamal Uicab, did not hesitate to thank the municipal president for the improvement of her town, for fulfilling them with dignified streets.

“Thanks to him for supporting us with the road. Today he has already taken a first step and we are very grateful,” he said.

The municipal president was accompanied by the municipal trustee, María Teresa Arana Sánchez, the aldermen, Martín Dzib Chimal, Eva Rocha Geded, the delegate Ismael Chi and families.

New paved streets for the Mayan community of Cobá

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