April 6, 2024
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More military arrives to Tulum beaches to reinforce security

In order to strengthen security, more than twenty additional military personnel are anticipated to travel to Tulum in the upcoming weeks. Diego Castaón Trejo, the mayor of Tulum, announced on Tuesday that the community will receive about 30 marines.

He announced the activation of more patrol units on Tuesday morning, saying, “We are working together with the municipality, the state government, and the federation to guarantee peace, harmony, and security for the people of Tulum.

More military arrives to Tulum beaches to reinforce security

“I want to acknowledge the excellent choice made by the Secretary of the Navy to support our municipality with personnel that will be of transcendental support to help in actions aimed at increasing public safety as part of security, peace, and tranquillity for Tulum.”

He also said that during recent meetings, one of which included Governor Mara Lezama, new measures will be taken in Tulum.

“We are working on it. The governor and I have been discussing the issue and she has supported us a lot in that regard,” he said adding that “We know it has been a very difficult time, but last Saturday I had a meeting with the Secretary of State Public Security, Rubén Oyarvide and representatives of the Navy to take measures,” he reported without saying what those measures would be. However, he has recently hinted at a change in the police force.

More military arrives to Tulum beaches to reinforce security
Dos elementos de la Guardia Nacional resguardan la playa frente al Mamita’s Beach Club, en Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, el 2 de febrero de 2022.

Frigate lieutenant Ricardo Morales Santos is expected to be sworn in as the new Secretary of Public Safety and Citizen Protection of Tulum Thursday.

In February, additional military were also sent to the sea side town of Tulum to reinforce beach patrols, especially during busy tourist seasons. Thousands are expected to begin arriving along the coast for the 2023 Easter holidays.


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