April 6, 2024
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Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo Initiates Electrification and Street Lighting Project

TULUM, Quintana Roo – The Municipal Government of Diego Castañón Trejo has embarked on a groundbreaking project aimed at improving the infrastructure of Manuel Antonio Ay, a community located in the heart of the Maya region. With an investment of $3,394,874.83 pesos, the implementation of underground and overhead electrification systems, along with the installation of street lighting, is set to benefit a total of 621 inhabitants.

Taking charge of the commencement of construction works, Mayor Diego Castañón emphasized his administration’s unwavering commitment to the transformation of every community within the Maya zone, catering to their most pressing needs. “It is our duty as public servants to provide them with better public services, just as we are doing in Manuel Antonio Ay and for all the residents of Tulum,” declared the mayor.

Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo Initiates Electrification and Street Lighting Project

Highlighting the details of the project, Santos Hipolito Tuz Chi, the Director of Public Works Monitoring, explained that the endeavor encompasses the electrification and installation of street lighting along approximately 1.5 kilometers of roads in Manuel Antonio Ay. This ambitious initiative is expected to yield tremendous benefits for the 621 individuals residing in the community.

The project, funded through the 33rd sector budget, is estimated to conclude by September of this year, paving the way for a significant improvement in the living conditions of the local families. As the streets become illuminated and the power supply becomes more reliable, the quality of life in Manuel Antonio Ay is poised to witness a remarkable boost.

The development of this project not only reflects the government’s commitment to community empowerment but also stands as a testament to its determination to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas. By providing essential amenities and services, the authorities aim to ensure that residents of Manuel Antonio Ay have access to the same opportunities as those living in more developed regions.

Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo Initiates Electrification and Street Lighting Project

As the project progresses, local businesses are expected to thrive, attracting potential investors and stimulating economic growth. Moreover, improved street lighting will enhance public safety, offering residents a secure and welcoming environment during the evening hours.

In conclusion, the Government of Diego Castañón Trejo’s investment in the electrification and street lighting project in Manuel Antonio Ay symbolizes its dedication to the welfare and progress of every community within the Maya region. By delivering essential infrastructure upgrades, the government is striving to enhance the quality of life for the residents, creating a brighter and more prosperous future for Manuel Antonio Ay.


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