April 6, 2024
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Marciano Dzul and Tulum businessmen deliver paving works in Akumal

Akumal now has a new circuit of paved streets that were forgotten for years.

During a tour of the delegation, municipal president Marciano Dzul Caamal reported that the work involved the rescue of significant streets with the support of various donations from the Tulumal businessmen Jesús Hernández Valencia, José del Carmen Álvarez Canché and Tino Anthuan Pompeyo.

“There are many needs and the obligation of the president is always to manage. And one of the efforts I have been making is precisely to approach each businessman, to tell them we have many needs. That is why today as municipal president my task is to add the will of those people who can help us out of love for the shirt, to give something to the people who need it. That is why all my public recognition because this task was not only done by Marciano, we did it with the will of businessmen who did us the favor of lending us machinery, donating material and above all that they did not charge me the salary of the operators”, he said.

He said that the needs in the ninth municipality cannot be solved without the support of Tulumnenses businessmen even when the finances of the City Hall are healthy.

“We need the real change and transformation of Tulum and that is why today I am here to deliver this work for the benefit of Akumal,” he said.

Dzul Caamal said that thanks to the trust and will of more businessmen, a commitment has been made to pave some streets in the Tumben Kaa neighborhood.

In his opportunity, the altruistic businessman, Jesus Hernandez Valencia, pondered the highest commitment of the mayor MDC that through negotiations and strategies, achieves that together with two more businessmen, plan in a coordinated manner with the municipal authorities the street paving works that they deliver today.

“Sometimes the conditions or the resources of the municipality are not enough to do all the works, and it is when, based on strategies such as this time was well done by the president, he brings together three businessmen, Mr. Canché, a good friend Anthuan and yours truly Jesús Hernández, and through the collaboration of machinery, material, even his own investment, we have been able to do this together,” he said.

For his part, the delegate of the community, Santos Pech, thanked and celebrated that after years of not being taken into account, today the government of Marciano Dzul with the help of businessmen, resolved a long-standing and heartfelt demand of the population.

“Today they are going to inaugurate one of the works that this neighborhood has been waiting for for many years, a work that marks the beginning of something that we really need, the change of this neighborhood. President, we thank you in advance, entrepreneurs likewise, because we know it is not easy to do, but we know it is not impossible,” he said.

The work donated altruistically in Akumal, consisted of a total of 4,000 M2 of asphalt layer of 3 centimeters thick, from Punta Brava street to Xel-ha street and closing the circuit in Punta Venado street to Caleta Yalku street, as well as the opening of streets and dirt roads in Boca Paila street, between Paamul and Akumal streets, all of which will benefit 1,310 inhabitants.


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