April 6, 2024
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INAH workers in Tulum join national strike; demand payment of labor benefits

Workers of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), affiliated to the Independent Union of Workers of the Ministry of Culture (Sinitsec), in Tulum, demonstrated this afternoon to join the national strike demanding payment of labor benefits not received for months.

With banners in hand, six workers pointed out that the Federation has systematically violated their general working conditions, for which reason they asked the authorities to recognize their seniority and other guarantees in the performance of their profession, such as the payment of five-year salaries and the salary increase, which has not been paid, in spite of having been approved last year.

INAH workers in Tulum join national strike; demand payment of labor benefits

Regarding the latter, Juan Antonio Piedra, member of the National Executive Committee of the aforementioned union, said that in Tulum there are at least four workers who have not received their quinquenios, and eight more whose salaries have been detained for months.

He explained that the Federation owes each worker approximately 40,000 pesos, between the unpaid quinquenio and the salary increase that has not been paid.

He added that they will remain in protest today, and depending on the instructions given to them by the union authorities at the national level, they will analyze what measures they will take if they are not heard by the authorities.


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