April 6, 2024
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Diego Castañón guarantees greater security and improved mobility in Tulum

Six days after assuming the municipal presidency of Tulum, Diego Castañón admitted that it is a great responsibility, and at the same time a commitment to maintain the work done by Marciano Dzul, for which he reiterated that there are no changes in the administration, although he will focus a little more on security, which is indispensable for the destination.

In this sense, he pointed out that the strategy will continue with the strategy together with the State Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of Public Security and the Navy to lower the number of crimes, and the closing of nightclubs will continue until one o’clock in the morning.

Diego Castañón guarantees greater security and improved mobility in Tulum

“The private initiative and the hoteliers themselves are happy with the measures we are taking, so it will not change. We will continue closing at one o’clock in the morning so that there is no one in the hotel zone and we will continue with the downtown area,” he added.

Interviewed by Radio Fórmula, he indicated that there are other priorities that are also being attended to, especially in mobility due to Tulum’s growth, for which there is a plan to build new avenues and a beltway before vehicular traffic collapses.

“The work team and the businessmen are collaborating with ideas to improve the image of the municipality, since we live off tourism, so we have to take care of it, starting with security,” he reiterated.

Diego Castañón guarantees greater security and improved mobility in Tulum

With about 15 years of having settled in the destination, he recalled that he has been in public administration along with the unfortunate Marciano Dzul, whom he pointed out as his mentor, and indicated that for the moment he has no plans to seek other positions in politics, such as being a congressman, as he is only focused on working in favor of Tulum.

“The truth is that right now what I want is that we finish a good administration, that the people see us in a good light and that I get involved in the Mayan zone, which our former president Marciano Dzul was very attentive to,” he added.


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