April 6, 2024
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Competition for works in Parque del Jaguar

Three companies joined the call for bids to build the works for the Jaguar National Park, with economic proposals ranging from 77 to 140 million pesos. They are Constructora Gurria y Asociados, Zoan Construcción y Consultoría and Desarrollos Gerenciales Integrados.

The first one made an economic proposal for 140.8 million pesos, the maximum price offered. The second one budgeted 77.5 million pesos to build the access and the third one, 102.8 million pesos. The works in Tulum are promoted by the Mexican Government through the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), which contemplates the construction of a market, paths for internal mobility, access to public beaches and even the rescue of an old lighthouse.

In fact, just last weekend, Román Meyer Falcón, head of Sedatu, arrived in Tulum, where he explained that the first stage of the National Park consists of delimiting and protecting the site, which houses “the second most important archeological zone in the country”, from future invasions.

He emphasized that they built a sidewalk, a bicycle path, a continuous lighting element, a bicycle stop, a drinking water supply module for tourists.

“Something very important is that we maintain an element of road, pedestrian and cyclist safety all along the main access to the new Jaguar National Park,” said the federal official in a video shared through social networks. In another publication, he specified that the area of the old lighthouse, which dates back to the 1980s, is abandoned.

“‘What we seek is to rehabilitate this point, to make it a point of control and access to what corresponds to the archaeological zone but also a reference point to be able to connect with the program of public access to the beaches.”

Meyer Falcón estimated that “in a couple of months” the access and reference point will be ready.


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