April 6, 2024
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Combating Tulum’s Criminal Groups: Increased Investment in Intelligence

The city of Tulum, Quintana Roo, has been plagued by violence, the transition of its mayor midway through the three-year term, and other situations. However, they are hoping to improve these areas during the final stretch of the administration.

Julio Portilla Manica, the Secretary of the Municipality, acknowledged the challenges faced by the current government, including insecurity, problems with sargassum, and the death of Mayor Marciano Dzul, who passed away over a month ago and was replaced by Diego Castañón.

“We began a new regime with actors from the past who had already been working here in the municipality in one way or another. The issue we faced, above all, was insecurity, which affects the municipality. In the tourism industry, the sargassum is hitting the Caribbean hard, which is affecting the beaches,” said the official.

“We also had the death of our mayor over a month ago, and we had to make a change, which is where the substitute comes in… Diego Castañón was the treasurer, and although he doesn’t have an extensive political background, he is a young man with the capability and education. As a political group, we are supporting him,” he added.

Portilla Manica assured that in this situation, it will be seen who in the administration is more prepared to continue governing Tulum. He is confident in taking a political position within the Fourth Transformation (4T) for 2024. If he doesn’t succeed, he plans to look after the interests of the citizens through independent means.

Combating Tulum's Criminal Groups: Increased Investment in Intelligence

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