April 6, 2024
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AIFA to Tulum: Bridging the Skies with Mexicana de Aviación

TULUM, Mexico – The vision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has illuminated the future of Tulum’s airport, proclaiming it as a premier facility that has already aroused the interest of airlines eager to extend their services to this upcoming aviation hub. With an enlightening revelation, he shared that one of the anticipated routes is set to link Tulum’s Airport with the renowned Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA).

According to President López Obrador, the much-awaited inauguration is slated for November this year or at the latest, December. During this juncture, the esteemed Mexican airline, Mexicana de Aviación, is poised to recommence operations in the nation. Among the prominent routes planned, the connectivity between Mexico City and Tulum stands out.

The President detailed that this ambitious venture has been guided by a series of meticulous studies. To ensure optimal operations, the State-sponsored airline will resort to leasing aircraft. In this pursuit, President López Obrador personally engaged with the Consultative Council of Boeing, a partnership that has received the unstinting support of Boeing’s Advisory Board.

AIFA to Tulum: Bridging the Skies with Mexicana de Aviación

It’s noteworthy that this strategic collaboration led to the recommendation of a singular entity that would fulfill the aircraft leasing requirement. Commanding the stage during his morning press conference, President López Obrador joyfully revealed that Tulum’s Airport has already garnered the admiration of both national and foreign airlines. He elucidated, “Such is the significance of Tulum’s airport that it has already attracted written requests from American and foreign airlines, in addition to national carriers, all eager to secure a foothold.”

The Mexican leader hailed the reawakening of Mexicana de Aviación, foreseeing a triumphant journey ahead. He affirmed that this endeavor would mark a new era of accessibility, with ticket prices anticipated to plummet by 18-20% compared to existing rates. “This enterprise is poised for tremendous success. Upon its inauguration, which we envisage in November or December, one of the flagship routes will span from Mexico City to Tulum, connecting AIFA to Tulum’s distinguished Felipe Carrillo Airport. This is a top-tier airport, and upon completion, its magnificence will be evident to all,” he asserted.

AIFA to Tulum: Bridging the Skies with Mexicana de Aviación

Recollections should echo that the recent acquisition of the airline was orchestrated by the AMLO government. A monumental development came to fruition on August 10th when the brand’s purchase was officially ratified, putting an end to 13 years of uncertainty stemming from disagreements with the airline’s workforce. Luisa María Alcalde, the Secretary of Governance, celebrated this as a historic milestone. The purchase was sealed at a sum of 815 million pesos, a pact that promises to uplift over 7,000 employees.

Subsequently, Mexicana de Aviación unveiled its plans to inaugurate operations from Terminal 2 of Mexico City’s International Airport (AICM) commencing September 1st of the current year, a departure from its former terminal at Terminal 1.

Their pledge remains unwavering: to consistently deliver unparalleled service to passengers across all flights. A commitment to making connections seamless and expedient has been emphatically conveyed through the digital realm.

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Luis Crescencio Sandoval, the Secretary of National Defense, shared that the airline’s mission includes bolstering aerial connectivity. He previewed the composition of the fleet, consisting of ten state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 aircraft, each manned by a proficient crew. This assembly is designed to accommodate up to 180 passengers in a single class.

An initial trio of aircraft is scheduled for delivery on September 30th, with the remaining seven set to arrive on the subsequent October 30th. The hues of the Mexican flag—green, white, and red—will vividly adorn these aircraft, serving as a proud emblem of Mexicana’s identity.

The commitment as operations take off from AIFA in December this year is the inauguration of a minimum of 20 distinct routes.


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