April 6, 2024
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Tulum Web3 Community Goes Global

The Tulum web3 community continues to capture the attention of the world as it embarks on a world tour that is taking a select group of projects and web3 leaders to Labitconf, one of most prestigious crypto conferences in Latin America, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary event.  As one of the fastest growing regions for web3 technology and talent, Latin American adoption of blockchain and crypto are rapidly increasing and builders abound. The group will be promoting a decentralized lifestyle, connection to nature and be an inspiration to the world of how dynamic regenerative communities can thrive in regions such as the Mexican Riviera where Tulum is situated.

The Magic of Tulum

Long before the digital nomad and music festival set discovered Tulum, it was an important cultural center for the Mayan civilization, a jewel situated on the edge of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by pyramids and overlooking the Yucatan Peninsula. It offers palm tree laden beaches and warm turquoise ocean waters, in addition to the sacred freshwater cenotes that can be found throughout the area. Today, it has evolved into a highly sought after destination attracting digital nomads and families from all over the world seeking an escape from urban centers and a deeper connection to spirituality and nature. 

With such an influx of global tech talent, it’s no surprise that Tulum has also become a cultural center of web3.  Teresa Castagnino, Head of Forbes Mexico Quintana Roo, cofounder of Like Group, and organizer of the tour coined the term “barefoot luxury” to describe the lifestyle so many desire and come to Tulum seeking.

Tulum Web3 Community Goes Global

“Barefoot luxury is a state of mind that is synonymous with Tulum, it’s the ability to be  surrounded by nature, spend by the ocean, focus on your spirituality and growth, all while also developing flourishing and sustainable businesses. Tulum inspires that.”

Teresa Castagnino, Head of Forbes Mexico Quintana Roo, and Co-founder of LIKE GROUP!


The thriving Tulum web3 scene has developed with a key focus on projects with positive socio-economic benefits, regeneration, ecotourism, and community building such as Tulum Coin, More Women in Crypto, Tulum Crypto Club, Just Travel Tribe JTT,  and the NFT Boutique. 

Local beneficiaries of these projects include organizations focused on safeguarding the region’s ecology and ensuring sustainable development such as the Sustainable Riviera Maya, Ancestral Aquifer Alliance, and Wild Flora and Fauna Rescue Orgfas.

Growth with a Sustainable Focus

Tulum would not be what it is today without the visionary foresight of Rodolfo Rosas, cofounder and CEO of Zama Group. Rosas group developed one of the most highly sought after neighborhoods in Tulum called Aldea Zama and is now developing a new project close to the beach. Selvazama will be representative of Tulum´s barefoot luxury lifestyle and based on principles  of  creativity, well-being, human connection, and education. It is also the planned home to the innovative Green School Tulum, a center for higher education based on sustainability, with the aim of activating the next generation of environmental leaders.

Also on tour, Tony Martínez is one of the most well-known real estate entrepreneurs and developers in the Mayan Riviera. Having led the high Italian design brand, Pininfarina in designing a mini city in the jungle of Uh May, this real estate project merges technology and nature through the use of blockchain for data collection and the acceptance of crypto as a form of payment.

Community and Regeneration

Steph Ferrera, Co-founder of Tulum Coin and also of More Women in Crypto has a mission to build sustainable communities and advance women in web3. Her active participation in More Women in Tulum Web3 Community Goes GlobalCrypto includes brand advocacy and tokenomics education. Tulum Coin seeks to create a regenerative Tulum, where a new local economy is being created to support projects, through the use of a token that will be accepted at various venues, events and for experiences. The Tulum Coin DAO will work with the community to determine where funds will go, such as to develop solutions for water and waste management, education, as well as many other community needs.

“Each Labitconf takes place in a different LATAM destination, but with the rising visibility of Tulum as a major player in the web3 ecosystem and driver of “barefoot luxury”, it made sense to bring Tulum to Argentina as a case study for social-technological impact.” states Rodolfo Andragnes Founder and CEO, Labitconf

From a personal perspective and as member of the Tulum web3 community, with the NFT Boutique, it is beautiful to see my friends and colleagues on tour. Our shared love for the beauty of Tulum, and our collective understanding of its fragility drive us to fiercely work on new solutions using innovation, creativity and passion to build the world we we want to see.

Sandra Ponce de Leon is a Columnist at Grit Daily and owner of NFT Boutique in Tulum. Before establishing her home base in Mexico, Sandra enjoyed a long and fruitful career in the Silicon Valley tech scene as a marketing executive, startup cofounder and advisor to companies through several successful exits. With a background that crosses consumer and business markets, Sandra writes regularly in publications such as Grit Daily, Forbes, and The StartUp. She is a tech passionista and ocean actionist that has a focus on tech for good and covers topics such as Web3, blue tech, regenerative technologies, and AI. Sandra’s long history in Silicon Valley has enabled her to forge friendships and business relationships with the industry’s top tech leaders and influencers which inform much of her extensive body of work. Sandra is also the cofounder of Unlockable Content Agency and is currently connecting the waves of the Blue Heart Economy, a heart-led ecosystem that harnesses the power of Web3 to achieve plastic neutrality.

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