April 6, 2024
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New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich’s wedding in Tulum

A month after her wedding, Belén Soto shared unpublished photos of the ceremony that took place in Tulum, Mexico.

It’s been a month since Branko Bacovich and Belén Soto’s big wedding, whose ceremony took place in Tulum, Mexico accompanied by their family and close friends.

It was through Instagram that the actress decided to post some unpublished photographs of her great union with her now husband and along with them, she wrote some heartfelt and emotional words.

Belén Soto’s adorable words a month after her marriage.

“I see these photos, and my skin crawls,” Belén Soto began saying through her social networks. In addition, the actress added: “It’s been a month since the happiest day of my life. The day that we prepared for a year to be as we dreamed it together with the people we loved the most… how fast time goes by and life goes by.”

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

“I want to stop time and linger on each of these photos and moments we lived. Now that I have all the photos in my possession, I will be able to show you and share with you this important day for us. And to tell you the truth, I’m sorry that this fun stage has already passed and that I’m no longer a bride. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever lived!”, Belén Soto concluded about this special day with Branko Bacovich in her life.

Along with these postcards, thousands of comments from followers of the interpreter and the businessman did not take long to arrive, however, the words that stood out the most were those of her husband, who said: “???? my mujer❤️ what a great time we had love”.

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

Also, it was her mother Carolina Infante who left a nice message for Belén Soto and Branko Bacovich: “Precious moments. Forever ✨”.

Belén Soto’s wedding in Tulum

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

In November 2022 they got married in a civil ceremony and shared photos of their looks and celebrations with their followers. This time, they celebrated with friends and family on a beach in Tulum, Mexico, with a Mayan ceremony and lots of tequila. A celebration that lasted several days in which the bride and groom and guests enjoyed the beach and celebrated love.

For the ceremony, Belen chose a dress by Israeli designer Liz Martinez, which highlights the inner beauty of women and their natural seduction. With unexpected materials, cuts and a lot of attention to detail, each of her designs are a demonstration of elegance and glamour.

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

The chosen design was a dress with sweetheart neckline and princess cut, with a corset covered by flower applications embroidered with stones and glitter that seemed to fall on the wide skirt. A classic and romantic, ultra feminine model that made her look stunning. These models by Élysée and Galia Lahav are some alternatives to be inspired by Belén’s look and reinterpret her style.

The ceremony

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

For the post-ceremony party Belén chose a short romantic dress, with balloon sleeves and with the whole trunk transparent with some details and flower applications, following the style of the dress she wore at the ceremony, but a sexier and relaxed version; special for the party.

The sleeves with volume are a trend that we will see very present in marriages 2023, and there are many ways to use them, long sleeves, transparencies, fallen shoulders or more classic versions, a trend that adapts to multiple styles and occasions.

For jewelry, Belén chose a golden flower tiara with rhinestones and pearls, which matched her pearl earrings.

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

The makeup style chosen was one in orange tones, highlighting her skin making her look luminous and radiant. The makeup matched the colors of her bouquet, which had a large protea in the center surrounded by roses and orchids in Burnt Orange, following one of the 2023 wedding trends announced by Pinterest.

The bride was accompanied by seven friends who played the role of bridesmaids, including actress Mane Swett, with whom she shared the screen in her early days in television in the TV series Papi Ricky. They all wore pink dresses, but each one used a different model following their personal styles.

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

Rose pink, along with shades of gray and beige, are one of the trends we will see in bridesmaid dresses, especially in shiny and soft fabrics such as charmeuse or silk.

Branko chose a three-piece suit with pants and vest in ivory color and a beige lined jacket. The outfit matched perfectly with the surroundings and with his new bride’s dress, make-up and bouquet. This color is special for beach weddings, as it is fresh and blends in with the environment creating a beach look, relaxed and elegant at the same time.

New images of Belen Soto and Branko Bacovich's wedding in Tulum

These models from Boss and Dolce & Gabbana are some alternatives to replicate Branko’s look for a wedding in the city.

Long live the bride and groom! We love their beachy and elegant outfits to celebrate their love in Tulum.


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