April 6, 2024
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Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

Marissa Ceja is an experienced Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator who has guided hundreds of clients through her powerful and transformative sessions. She has guided others to transcend their traumas and live their best lives NOW. Marissa has received training from the world’s leading Masters of Healing, including Sadhguru, Dan Brule, Kute Blackson, Bibi Brozozka, and Chris Keener. In addition, Marissa has traveled the world to learn, study, and practice the most transformative tools to guide her clients through their most powerful healing. Through a personally developed and unique methodology of coaching, movement, and breathwork, Marissa has expanded her healing beyond the mind and into spaces of non-ordinary consciousness while deepening the levels of awareness & healing. Marissa’s purpose and professional mission in life is to profoundly and positively impact the lives of others through breath, movement, sound, and transcendence, working with the root issue of patterns and limitations. Born in Mexico City, raised in Orange County, CA & currently residing between Laguna Beach, CA, and Tulum, Mexico, Marissa brings global awareness to her service to others.

As a transformational Coach and breathwork facilitator, my practice consists of three main focus areas:

  1. I have a self-developed eight-week one-on-one intensive Transformational Coaching program. The initial three-day intensive is in person-only and hosted here in Tulum. 
  2. I facilitate active breathwork sessions globally for groups and ceremonies and ongoing one-on-one programs. Again, this is available in person and online via Zoom video calls.
  3. My newest area is curating and hosting one-of-a-kind global retreat experiences in collaboration with other healers, creators, and practitioners.

She provide transformational coaching and facilitate healing through various modalities using movement, active breathing, and full integration of all the senses. In my coaching program, I hold my one-on-one sessions in sacred spaces, work with the root cause of your patterns, work with the sensations in your body, and facilitate energy movement to bring about the most profound journey of healing. My approach aims to enable my clients to fully surrender by relinquishing inhibiting feelings of control and creating a safe space to allow their innate intelligence to guide me. Using my uniquely developed technique and program, we work together on mental and emotional blockages and suppressed traumas to enable clients to feel the empowerment of belief and love and, ultimately, to live their most authentic lives.

My transformational program is a unique experience that combines deep emotional journeys through an innovative combination of modalities. Though it kicks off with a multi-day immersive session, it is not a retreat but rather an intensive one-on-one experience to kick off the transformation of your life. I am here to unblock, un-condition, and help you release yourself from the limiting beliefs that have blocked you from your true inner freedom. My eight-week coaching experience begins in the jungles of Tulum. The purpose is to fully surrender all you wouldn’t usually do not allow yourself to feel. 

Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

It becomes a space where we let go of our outside world (the phones, email, work, and money & family) and embrace how to be in service of our whole Self. During the intensive three-day experience, we work on your blocks and traumas and develop your empowerment of belief and love by utilizing different modalities to uncondition and unlearn what has been generationally passed on to us from family, society, gender, and culture.  

I believe the four elements of our existence (body, heart, mind, and soul) must be in alignment for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. Your soul’s purpose unfolds from that space, and you no longer seek a purpose but live your purpose now. 

The difference between a retreat and my one-on-one immersive coaching experience is that it doesn’t end when you return home; it’s just the beginning. We will spend the next two months working on your full Self three times a week. It is an intense and powerful experience, as it leverages the momentum of your discoveries and awarenesses from the initial 3-day intensive session in Tulum. 

One and a half years’ worth of therapy hours in two months is incredibly transformative to the body, mind, and soul. There is no program like it out there. You, Me & 88 hours of pure love & healing!

I also believe the body (the physical manifestation of our existence), in a way, “keeps the score” and that without intentional healing, your impressions & traumas stay stagnant in the body, sometimes even manifesting into ailments & diseases. When you carry the past, you often find yourself (and your body) reacting from a space of contraction, operating from fear, and making life decisions from a scarcity mindset. 

Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

Breathwork, especially active breathwork, is one of the most potent modalities to guide that stagnation from the body. Active breathwork is a form of consciously using and working your breath to bypass the blockers in your mind and enter a different state of awareness to restore the body’s safety and presence. 

I, myself, needed that safety at a point in my life. I had been through sexual abuse as a child ( 1 in 6 women will experience sexual trauma in the USA), a 20-year toxic marriage, and a divorce. Yet, my career had excelled because I did everything in my power not to feel. I overworked, over-ate, over-shopped, and over-gave to be accepted, loved, validated, and especially not feel what I had been suppressing all my life. 

Having personally benefited from the power of deep, active breathwork, Marissa created Healing Air Breathwork www.healingairbreathwork.com as an online or in-person experience to be able to guide all, even those that can’t always come to Tulum. Sometimes competing priorities (family, children, job, money) make it difficult, so this modality allows anyone to sample an experience of transformative healing. 

Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

After moving through my transformational journey five years ago, when my world felt like it was collapsing emotionally, mentally, and physically, I committed and did the work. I had to move through the layers, acknowledge my pain, take responsibility for my actions, and come out on the other side. With all the learning and training, I created some of the most powerful modalities to help my clients to their true inner freedom and unconditional love. 

Through either my one-on-one coaching experiences, via Healing Air Breathwork, or retreat projects with amazing co-collaborators, I can take you to spaces of non-ordinary consciousness. Through your empowered intention(s), we release emotional pains that have kept you stagnant in unconscious patterns. As a result, you will experience physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing.

Eunoia Retreat is my latest project with No Borders For Lovers, Alice & Martin, a musical duo of pure magic, energy, and love. It is a five-day, four-night live musical and breathwork extravaganza at one of the most beautiful villas & cenotes in Tulum. We marry sound, music, breath, and Psilocybin in the vortex for the ultimate transformation experience. 

Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

I could smell the salt in the warm, humid air. I could feel it wrapping itself on my skin, almost whispering, you’re here now. As my eyes looked around at the lush scenery and my feet stepped over the sand, I was taken by all the extraordinary beauty around me. I had known about this place all my life, even visited coastal towns and islands in the area, but nothing could describe the beauty I felt when I finally arrived. I could see it with my eyes and feel it with my heart. However, I stood in the middle of this paradise, but I couldn’t even break a smile. I was completely numb. I felt a conflict within myself, and I couldn’t reconcile how I had landed in such a magical paradise, a place of beauty and energy, yet I was so sad. I heard something, a beautiful and tranquil rhythm of a drum beat. I sat on the rocks, looked upon the infinite horizon, and realized I had arrived “home.” However, I couldn’t let go of the conflict and turmoil I was feeling inside me. How could I feel so at home and connected to this place, yet not at peace? At that moment, I told myself, “I shall return,” but I also knew my words meant, “I shall return WHOLE.”

I made the decision that day to confront my conflict(s). I didn’t yet know all the conflicts I would encounter, but I did realize I had to choose between stepping forward into my healing and truth or backward into the safety of my lies. It was my Day One, as it was the day I decided to step forward, and there would be no turning back. I decided on that trip with myself that I would return to live in this paradise, but not until I healed my heart and my soul. That magical trip was here, my first time in Tulum. Tulum was such a magical space; I wanted to feel love and joy so badly and not hide from my life anymore.

My real motivation to be who I am today didn’t start on that day, or even that trip, as I had no idea what was ahead of me. Like many stories, it started long before the catalyst events that put me on that trip and impacted me to move into action. My transformational journey began almost five years ago when it reached a boiling point, and my world felt like it was emotionally, mentally, and physically collapsing. I found myself brokenhearted in paradise on Valentine’s Day, 2018. The pain of living my life in lies that tricked me into believing and suppressed truths that I didn’t want to face forced me to change my reality. I was denying my pain and holding in so many unresolved parts within me to exist in a life I didn’t even feel was mine. Ultimately, I had to acknowledge the root of the emotional suppression and trauma I had carried all my life. I had to stop running. I had mastered surviving but was too afraid of thriving, nor did I even know what that looked like.

Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

I felt like I had the Mt. Everest of healing to overcome. I was scared, but I was also determined to step forward to reach the peak and come down the other side.

“Everything we ever wanted is on the other side of fear” – George Adaire.

To my blessings, the Universe aligned me with the most influential teachers, coaches, and practitioners in the wellness world. Through healing myself, I learned to guide and facilitate others to their healing. It was the most beautiful, challenging, and awakening experience of my life. First, I had to exercise vulnerability like never before. I cried, resisted, confronted, accepted, forgave, and ultimately, surrendered within my heart and soul. Then, I went through the most intense coaching apprenticeship with Kute Blackson, which changed my life! I cannot emphasize this enough. I had to fully come into my authentic truth to become a clear canvas to coach others. It was then that I realized that my purpose in living a life of service to others is where my heart and soul were to align. 

I could not predominantly be in the masculine-dominated energy that propelled me to success as a corporate executive and also be predominantly in my feminine-required energy to be a compassionate and loving Transformational coach, so I had to decide. Subsequently, I left a 20-year career in high-end luxury as an executive and followed my heart to a life of service. It was the ultimate fork in the road of life; trust and follow my heart forward or live in scarcity and stay back in the safety of the known. I moved to Tulum and created the most magical experiences from my heart. There was no backup plan.

With all the nerves running through my body and my natural mind chattering with the what-ifs, I JUMPED! It has been the most beautiful and honest decision of my life. I have loved every minute of it since and live my most amazing days witnessing other human’s discovery of self-love, their realizations, healing, feelings, empowerment, and aha moments. I am a witness to the rebirth of their true Self. I can’t imagine a more beautiful space to live this life. I have never been happier, more in love, with a heart full of gratitude. My purpose is to impact lives to their awakening with love. My journey was not easy, but I truly wouldn’t change anything. It has made me who I am today and motivated me to live a life so others can, as well. 

Marissa Abisai Ceja,  Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator in Tulum

Though born in Mexico, I grew up in the US for most of my life. However, my connection to my motherland has always been strong. I regularly visited Mexico throughout my life and have always profoundly bonded with its people, culture, and rich history. Even while living in the United States, I always imagined I would eventually reside in Mexico, but I didn’t quite know where that deep intuition came from.

In 2018, as the Universe does, chose Tulum for me to share the possibility with my heart. I could feel the magic in Tulum’s soul and hear its calling. However, I still needed to heal before I could return to live in its magical and wondrous world with my purpose. Nevertheless, I am eternally grateful for Tulum. I feel and witness its magic every day, and I am thankful for being in such a powerful and spiritual place to be who I am today. I am an empowered woman, in love with her authentic Self, living a life of service in Tulum, Mexico, and in love with all that is life! 

Although my life and the journey have been very intense, at times traumatic, and deeply transformational, my work is really for anyone seeking a more profound sense of self-love, empowerment, and inspiration within themselves. Even if not often, we all have paused intentionally or unintentionally and asked ourselves, “Is this it? Is this all my life is?” The answer to that lies only within. My programs are designed and demonstrated to guide you to live your best life NOW. We can not go back in time, but anyone who decides to step forward into growth to live their fullest and most authentic life can benefit from my work.

Though I primarily work with women, I serve all wanting to breathe, love, and live their most authentic life. Therefore, I have many options for working with me today. 

In 2023, I will launch a six-week live breathwork course aimed at specific areas of the body, mind, heart, and family. Healing Air Breathwork is designed to create a safe container to move through generational inheritance, impact the energetic body, and release the pain the body has carried by utilizing breathwork, sound, and movement as its healing modalities. 

There’s something for you through my Transformational Coaching Program, Healing Air Breathwork, Eunoia Retreats, Private Ceremonies, and my new course.

For more information and contact visit www.marissaabisaiceja.com


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