April 6, 2024
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Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

Have the most memorable wedding celebration with the Mexican Caribbean as your background. It is wonderful to help couples create forever memories and fun celebrations. Romantic landscapes will make this day the most endearing day of your life.

We know couples have a lot of questions when it comes to planning this day, that’s why we answered the top asked questions, hoping to bring clarity to planning your magical day!

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

Where is the best wedding venue in Tulum?

The most important choice you will make for your wedding is the venue and planner. Whether you are planning a small family ceremony with 25 guests, or a bigger destination wedding with 120 guests, you need to choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate the needs of your group.

A smaller venue is more magical for an intimate celebration. Be sure to select a place that is suitable for your group size and ideally a venue with a full buyout option to enjoy exclusive use of the space and create a private wonderland for you and your guests. A venue on the sea with private beachfront and stunning grounds will give you dreamy backdrops for your photography and a central location in the boutique hotel area will allow your guests to walk to explore. Parking and congestion can be an issue along the Tulum beach road so location and proximity to the best spots are key.

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

Mahayana is a top venue choice for groups of 20 – 60 guests and Zorba is a top venue choice for weddings of 35 – 120 guests.

Why should you skip the all-inclusive resort and get married at a private Villa or beachfront estate?

While the lower upfront costs of an all-inclusive resort wedding may be tempting you give up the ability to fully customize your special day. Couples are limited to the vendors provided by the resort, bound by strict timelines (you are not the only wedding that day) and you may have other guests encroaching on your private moment. This is especially a hassle when they end up in the background of your wedding photos.

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

If you are looking for a wedding celebration that is not cookie-cutter, that is tailored especially for you, and offers a magical and authentic experience, then avoid an all-inclusive wedding packages and opt for a private Villa or estate wedding.

When is the best time of year to get married in Tulum?

October to May are the best months to get married. These are the driest months and the time when a lot of people like to visit the area for the warm weather and a healthy dose of sunshine. It is also the time of highest demand.

If you are looking for lower rates and a more easy going time of year, summer is a great option for a care free seaside celebration. From May to October, turtle’s nest on the beach and the area is generally a little slower paced. There is always a chance of rain, but mostly when it comes it passes quickly. Tulum is beautiful in every season which is why most restaurants are open-air and stay open year-round. Event tents are always a good back up option.

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

The months of October, November, and May offer the best combination of weather and rates.

How do I choose a wedding planner in Tulum?

Your wedding planner is your local connection and your fairy godmother. A good planner is well respected in the Tulum community with strong relationships with top-notch florists, musicians, caterers, and rental providers that are ready to bring your dreams into reality. Planners will assist with every step of the experience and take care of all the details so you can soak up the love and beauty of the day with family and friends. Your venue can recommend a list of preferred and authorized planners to meet your budget and your style.

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

How much does it cost to get married in Tulum?

This is a hard question to answer as it depends on the décor, furniture rentals, and catering option you choose. As the area is naturally stunning it is possible to go with very simple greenery and florals, minimal lighting, and the authentic flavors of Mexican street food (think tacos with arrachera, shrimps, and al pastor with pico de gallo) or you can let your creativity run wild with incredible floral installations and world-class cuisine.

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

Working with an experienced local planner will help you select the best options to meet your budget and create your magical wedding celebration. Tulum is blessed with an abundance of incredibly talented vendors. Your planner will ensure you have a fully customized celebration that reflects your dreams and your budget.

Where will the bride and groom get ready?

Getting ready is a big part of the wedding day celebrations. This is a time for the bride and groom to gather with their closest friends and family members before the big moment. It is important for the bride and the groom to have private and separate areas to gather, that are spacious, photogenic, and with air conditioning. Ideally, the couple each have a private Villa they can use to get ready. Add a catered lunch with champagne or a celebratory sip of fine tequila to set the tone for a beautiful celebration.

Everything you need to know to have your wedding in Tulum

The best reason to get married in Tulum is the ability to create a celebration that is fully tailored and custom to you. Not only will you have the most beautiful and bespoke celebration your friends and family have ever attended, but everyone will also enjoy a holiday in paradise.

Full property buyouts for weddings available at both our Zorba Collective Tulum Properties – Mahayana Tulum and Zorba Tulum. Let us host you in Tulum for your destination wedding in paradise!


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