April 6, 2024
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Turtle Sanctuaries to be Established in Riviera Maya for Endangered Species

The Civil Society for Flora, Fauna, and Culture has been working tirelessly to establish turtle camps that will operate on 14 beaches in Tulum and Solidaridad in the weeks leading up to the 2023 marine turtle breeding season.

Leonel Gómez Nieto, the head of Mexico’s Flora, Fauna, and Culture Conservation Program in the Riviera Maya, explained that the camps would be set up before April 15th to engage in conservation and protection activities for nests and turtles during this season, which runs from late April to November.

He noted that the responsible beaches include Canaquehui, Punta Venado, and Paamul in Solidaridad, as well as Aventuras DIF, Chemuyil, Xcacel-Xcacelito, Xel-Há, Punta Cadena, Tankah, Kanzul, Capechén, Lirios Balancín, Punta Yuyum, and San Juan in Tulum.

Turtle Sanctuaries to be Established in Riviera Maya for Endangered Species

He further explained that, as in recent years, the budget would likely be low, but they would employ about 15 trained technicians, in addition to the support of around 60 volunteers, thus resulting in a team of approximately 80 individuals working for six or seven months, the length of time the turtles are nesting.

He added that, as in previous years, the loggerhead turtles begin to arrive in April, and they will be assessing their behavior during this season.

Certainly. Tulum may be a pivotal settling zone for a few species of ocean turtles, counting the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) and the green turtle (Chelonia mydas). Be that as it may, these species are recorded as imperiled beneath the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Ruddy List, which suggests they confront a tall chance of termination within the wild.

Turtle Sanctuaries to be Established in Riviera Maya for Endangered Species

To secure ocean turtles, different preservation endeavors have been executed in Tulum, counting the foundation of turtle camps, such as the ones organized by the Gracious Society of Greenery, Fauna, and Culture, which point to screen and ensure turtle homes during the breeding season. These camps too give instruction and mindfulness programs for visitors and local people to assist diminish human affect on ocean turtles and their living spaces.

Furthermore, there are controls in put to deny the chasing, capture, exchange, and utilization of ocean turtles and their items in Mexico. The Mexican government has moreover assigned a few marine secured zones (MPAs) along the coast, counting the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Save, which incorporates parcels of Tulum’s coastline. These MPAs give a secure sanctuary for ocean turtles to nourish, mate, and settle.

Turtle Sanctuaries to be Established in Riviera Maya for Endangered Species

In spite of these endeavors, ocean turtles in Tulum confront a few dangers, counting coastal advancement, light contamination, contamination from marine flotsam and jetsam and plastics, and unlawful poaching. In this manner, proceeded preservation endeavors and open mindfulness are pivotal for the survival of these imperiled species in Tulum and past.


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