April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s natural beauty at risk as wildfires continue

Two wildfires remain active in Tulum; the first and most attention-grabbing is located around the community of San Pedro Cobá, while the second is situated within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve; the latter is already in the liquidation phase.

Jacqueline Martínez Barrios, head of the Tulum Civil Protection Department, announced the news and recalled that they received a report about a forest fire earlier this week, which has already consumed at least 75 hectares.

“The forest fire is located between the boundaries of the municipalities of Tulum and Solidaridad. However, it is currently being attended to by volunteers, as well as Civil Protection and the National Forestry Commission. The appropriate firebreaks have been made to prevent the blaze from spreading,” added Martínez Barrios.

Tulum's natural beauty at risk as wildfires continue

The second forest fire is located 500 meters from the Punta Allen community within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. As of now, it is in the liquidation phase. Residents and members of the Heroic Fire Department provided assistance to extinguish the blaze.

Additional information reveals that the wildfire in San Pedro Cobá has caused significant damage to the region’s biodiversity, including the destruction of several endemic species of flora and fauna. It has also severely impacted the ecosystem, leading to soil degradation and loss of habitats. The ecological and environmental damage resulting from these fires will likely have long-lasting effects on the region’s ecology and economy.

Tulum's natural beauty at risk as wildfires continue

Furthermore, the fires have also caused air pollution, negatively impacting the health of local residents and visitors. The presence of smoke and particulate matter in the air can exacerbate respiratory illnesses such as asthma and can lead to long-term health effects.

It is crucial to note that wildfires are a growing concern globally, with climate change exacerbating the problem. Wildfires can have significant impacts on the environment, economy, and human health, and it is essential to implement effective measures to prevent and manage them.

In this regard, local authorities have encouraged the population to adopt preventative measures to avoid accidental fires. These measures include avoiding smoking in forested areas, properly extinguishing campfires, and reporting any sign of fire promptly.

Tulum's natural beauty at risk as wildfires continue

Moreover, the government should invest in improving the region’s fire management capacity, including increasing resources for firefighting equipment and personnel, training, and community outreach to raise awareness of fire prevention and safety measures.

The wildfires in Tulum have caused significant environmental, economic, and health impacts. It is vital to take effective measures to prevent and manage these disasters to protect the region’s biodiversity, ecosystems, and the health of its residents and visitors.


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