April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Endangered Turtle Rescued from Plastic Entanglement

An adult loggerhead sea turtle was found at one of the secret beaches in the Riviera Maya. Activists discovered it in Bahía Solimán, which is located between Tulum and Chemuyil. Unfortunately, it was entangled in plastics, but fortunately, they arrived in time as the turtle was still alive. They acted as quickly as they could.

Initially, passersby observed what appeared to be a marine animal, but upon closer inspection, they confirmed that it was a sea turtle wrapped in plastics similar to those used for packing boxes.

Itzel Trujano, president of the State Committee for the Protection, Conservation, and Management of Turtles, confirmed the rescue. For better care, the sea turtle was immediately transported to the turtle hospital in Xcaret Park, where veterinarians are providing the necessary care while monitoring its progress.

Tulum's Endangered Turtle Rescued from Plastic Entanglement

Authorities confirmed that such cases are quite common on the beaches and oceans of Quintana Roo. They urged citizens to be more aware of their actions and to avoid throwing their waste into the sea or leaving it on the beach sand.

They reminded everyone to dispose of plastics responsibly to prevent more animals from being trapped, mistaking them for food, and endangering their lives.

According to information from the international association Onesea, sea turtles seek food every day to survive in the ocean. One of their favorite foods is jellyfish, making them easily confused with plastic bags, getting trapped or with bags in their throats, resulting in death by suffocation.

Onesea estimates around 100,000 sea turtle deaths per year due to contact with plastic that contaminates their environment. This situation affects not only turtles but also practically all marine life.

Protecting Our Oceans: Why Thousands of Sea Turtles Die Every Year Due to Waste

Tulum's Endangered Turtle Rescued from Plastic Entanglement

It’s a awful reality that thousands of ocean turtles lose their lives each year due to the overpowering sum of squander display within the Caribbean Ocean in Mexico. The seas are immersed with plastic packs, bottles, straws, and other sorts of waste that cause hurt to marine life, especially ocean turtles.

Ocean turtles are crucial to the maritime environment as they play a pivotal part in keeping up a sound adjust of species. In any case, the accumulation of squander within the ocean not as it were impacts the turtles but too leads to a decrease in other marine creatures, such as fish and dolphins.

The squander within the ocean is particularly unsafe for ocean turtles, who are likely to botch plastic for nourishment. They cannot separate between plastic bags and their favored nourishment, such as jellyfish, and ingest them. This may cause blockages in their stomach related framework, driving to passing by starvation or suffocation.

Besides, ocean turtles regularly gotten to be entrapped in angling nets and other shapes of squander. They can suffocate as they are incapable to surface for discuss or become extremely harmed, driving to an agonizing passing.

Tulum's Endangered Turtle Rescued from Plastic Entanglement

As human creatures, it is our responsibility to require care of the planet and protect the characteristic environments of all animals, counting ocean turtles. Ready to start by diminishing the utilize of plastic in our every day lives, reusing, and appropriately arranging of squander. Governments and organizations must too take steps to oversee waste effectively and anticipate it from coming to the ocean.

In conclusion, it’s a terrible truth that thousands of ocean turtles pass on each year due to the amassing of squander within the Caribbean Ocean in Mexico. It is our obligation to require activity and secure these radiant animals and the maritime environment. Let us all do our portion in lessening squander and keeping our seas clean to guarantee that ocean turtles proceed to flourish in their characteristic territories.


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