April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s brave firefighters fight to contain blazing forest fire

The brave forest firefighters in Tulum persist in their efforts to combat the raging El Travieso blaze. The authorities were notified of the inferno early on Wednesday morning, and by Thursday morning, it had already spread to 23 hectares, with a mere 10 percent under control.

As per the statement released by Protección Civil de Tulum, the fire has erupted in the northern region of the San Juan de Dios community, located approximately 57 kilometers away from the town of Tulum.

To curb the conflagration, brigades from Civil Protection, Conafor, the National Forestry Commission of Mexico, and the Forest Protection Brigade of the Mayan area have joined forces, mobilizing a total of 13 skilled firefighters.

Tulum's brave firefighters fight to contain blazing forest fire

The agency pledges to persist in its endeavor to contain the wildfire’s spread by constructing firebreaks and thereby minimizing the damage inflicted upon the affected area.

Jessica Jaqueline Martínez Barrios, the coordinator of Civil Protection in the municipality, explained in an interview that they were informed of the forest fires through citizen complaints. One of the fires was reported to be in Manuel Antonio, while the other was in the vicinity of San Pedro.

The Civil Protection personnel, along with the forest brigades, were dispatched to both locations to assess the type and extent of the fires and analyze the type of soil.

Tulum's brave firefighters fight to contain blazing forest fire

At around 4 in the morning, they began to combat the larger of the two fires, which was in San Pedro. Five inspectors from Civil Protection, 10 members of the Forest Brigade, and a similar number of volunteers are involved in these efforts.

Currently, there are three forest fires, two in Tulum and one in Lázaro Cárdenas, in the Yum Balam protected natural area.


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