April 6, 2024
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Tulum Takes Action to Safeguard Sea Turtles and Boost Ecotourism

TULUM, Quintana Roo – In response to the nesting season of sea turtles, Tulum has ramped up inspections to ensure that commercial activities along its beaches adhere to regulations regarding operating hours and noise levels, according to David Buchanan García, the Director of Enforcement and Collections.

“Our aim with these measures is to prioritize the ecological well-being of the area, particularly concerning the impact of lights and sound on turtles. We are currently in a nesting season, and we know that both noise and lights can disturb them,” stated Buchanan García.

He added that the objective is also to ensure compliance with these regulations in order to protect the hospitality sector. Tourists choose Tulum as a vacation destination for its tranquility and connection with nature.

Tulum Takes Action to Safeguard Sea Turtles and Boost Ecotourism

Buchanan García emphasized their efforts to enforce adherence to operating hours and regulations. So far, the majority of businesses have complied, with only two or three establishments receiving warnings, and one being subjected to closure due to repeated violations.

Furthermore, he highlighted that this regulatory framework has contributed to a reduction in insecurity, and entrepreneurs have recognized the benefits that come with respecting these norms.

“We are closely monitoring compliance with operating hours, and, following the directives of the municipal president, we are taking strict measures to ensure timely adherence,” stated the official. He added that they are actively working to change the perception that Tulum is solely a party destination.

Tulum Takes Action to Safeguard Sea Turtles and Boost Ecotourism

Buchanan García acknowledged that Tulum attracts visitors seeking entertainment due to its status as a popular tourist spot. However, their goal is to promote ecotourism and encourage tourists to explore the cenotes, beaches, archaeological sites, and streets of the town center during daylight hours.

He reminded everyone that commercial establishments along the coastline must close by 1 am, with a grace period until 1:30 am, while those in the town center should close by 2 am, with a maximum grace period until 2:30 am. These operating hours must be observed alongside a noise level restriction of 65 decibels.


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