April 6, 2024
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Tulum in Flames: Firefighters Battling an Unprecedented Season

The director of the Fire Department, Juan Manuel Castilla Jiménez, reassured the public that they are actively responding to the forest fire near the Cristal neighborhood. He acknowledged the concerns expressed by citizens and urged them to remain patient, as these types of wildfires can often become overwhelming.

While addressing the public, Castilla Jiménez emphasized that the reports made by citizens regarding the forest fire are not being ignored. The Fire Department is indeed working diligently to address the situation. However, he expressed the unfortunate reality that during this season, it is not uncommon for the magnitude of such fires to surpass their resources and capabilities.

Tulum in Flames: Firefighters Battling an Unprecedented Season

The widespread use of social media has brought forth numerous complaints from residents regarding the forest fire, particularly on the Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto road. The primary concerns voiced by the public revolve around the thick smoke and the escalating damage to the surrounding vegetation. In fact, some individuals have gone as far as accusing the firefighters of neglecting their duty to extinguish the fire promptly. However, the director categorically rejected these claims, labeling them as false and misleading.

Castilla Jiménez explained that when dealing with a fire that spans several hectares, it becomes increasingly challenging to contain and suppress it, especially in the face of intense heat and strong winds. These environmental factors contribute to the rapid expansion of the fire, making it a complex and arduous task for the firefighters.

During the interview, Castilla Jiménez took the opportunity to highlight the unwavering commitment of the Fire Department to combat the forest fire. He made it clear that not a single day has passed without their active involvement in fighting the blaze. Despite the fact that forest fires do not fall under their direct jurisdiction, the firefighters have taken it upon themselves to contribute to the firefighting efforts.

Tulum in Flames: Firefighters Battling an Unprecedented Season

“The Fire Department has been fully engaged in combatting this forest fire, even though it is not within our official responsibilities. We have made all necessary preparations for the forest fire season,” Castilla Jiménez stated with conviction.

In addition, the director expressed his gratitude for the vigilance of the public in reporting any new incidents or potential fire outbreaks. By promptly receiving such reports, the Fire Department can allocate their resources more effectively and respond in a timely manner to prevent further escalation.

Tulum in Flames: Firefighters Battling an Unprecedented Season

The Fire Department plays a crucial role in safeguarding the community and protecting lives and property from the devastating effects of fires. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to their duties deserve recognition and support from the public.


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