April 6, 2024
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Platinum Certification will allow greater order on Tulum’s beaches

Tulum’s beaches will have more order and better conservation with the Platinum certification obtained recently, considered environmental manager Alexis De Aldecoa Morales, who added that this distinction obliges all sectors to participate in actions to take care of these areas, where there is a multidiversity of flora and fauna.

He recalled that on January 28 the flags corresponding to the certification were installed on the Pescadores, Maya and Santa Fe beaches, in the framework of the Biologist’s Day, for which a beach clean-up was carried out and an awareness-raising talk was given. The next challenge is to seek that Mezzanine beach also enters this catalog.

The interviewee said that there are many benefits of this distinction, one of them is that it is a Natural Protected Area (being within the Tulum National Park) in which there is a lot of fauna and flora, so that the program forces authorities, companies and civil society to have much cleaner coasts, without waste and therefore ensures that there is no pollution in the area.

Platinum Certification will allow greater order on Tulum's beaches

He added that the fact that there is this environmental management generates order and cleanliness, which makes it a more attractive destination for tourists. He indicated that with the announcement of the nomination of a fourth beach, which in this case is Mezzanine, it will undergo the process of self-regulation and environmental auditing.

“The Mexican Caribbean Natural Protected Area, which includes the pyramid zone and beaches of the Tulum National Park, received the Platinum certification for compliance with environmental standards, which represents the first distinction of its kind for this destination. To achieve this it was necessary to carry out multiple actions, such as beach cleaning, training, signage and installation of infrastructure, among others, for which it was necessary the articulation of authorities, companies, civil society and technicians,” said De Aldecoa Morales.

Platinum Certification will allow greater order on Tulum's beaches

The beaches that obtained the distinction correspond to a coastline of approximately 650 meters. This initiative was promoted by the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone of Tulum, articulated with the hotels of the area, as well as tourist companies of the zone, advised by the agency Eukariota, which supported in the elaboration, design and implementation of the solid waste management plan of the above mentioned beaches. The recycling center Tulum Circula also participated and the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification A.C. was in charge of endorsing and certifying.

Editing: Ana Ordaz


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