Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

July 12, 2024
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Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

Discover Quintana Roo's ecological gem, Jaguar Park. With $1.6 billion invested, it balances conservation and low-impact tourism, becoming a model for sustainable development in the region.
Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

TULUM, México – In a remarkable initiative aimed at preserving the ecological wonders of the Mayan jungle and providing a space for sustainable tourism, the Jaguar Park project in Quintana Roo is set to receive an impressive investment of 1.6 billion pesos. With its strategic location in the central region of the state, the park is poised to become the premier natural attraction in the area, boasting connectivity to the Tren Maya station and the Tulum airport. This ambitious endeavor seeks to establish a harmonious balance between conservation efforts and the creation of educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities for visitors.

Conservation and Ecological Preservation

The “Regional Environmental Impact Manifesto for the Development of Infrastructure in Jaguar Park within the Protected Natural Areas of Tulum National Park and the Flora and Fauna Protection Area of the Jaguar Region” outlines the comprehensive ecological planning that will be implemented. Spanning an impressive 6,485 square meters of land, the project will encompass a wide range of integral measures under a conventional public works investment scheme. Its primary objective is to regulate, manage, and organize both existing and future activities, with a particular focus on low-impact educational, cultural, and recreational endeavors.

Master Plan for Protected Areas

Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

Within the framework of the Master Plan for the protected areas of Tulum National Park, the Jaguar Flora and Fauna Protection Area, and the Tulum-Tanch Archaeological Monuments Polygon, this intervention represents a significant step forward. The project will unfold over a span of 18 months, including the construction of service modules, a cycling path along Avenida Cobá, internal trails, beach access points, and various amenities. Additionally, a lighthouse, infrastructure for beach mobility, an Institute of National Anthropology and History (INAH) camp, and a route of archaeological vestiges will be established.

Project Details

The project’s distribution will cover 3,038.34 square meters of the southern access (entry point to the tourist zone leading to the Archaeological Zone), 9,167.61 square meters for two service modules (A and B), a 410.18-square-meter cycling path for urban connectivity, and a pedestrian walkway towards the city of Tulum.

Architectural Elements

Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

The southern access will showcase three prominent architectural elements. The first will feature a roofed, open, and semi-open entrance structure facing Cobá and Costera Avenues. This space will house ticket booths, information modules, commercial premises, operational offices for the Marina and security personnel, a medical facility, public restrooms, lockers, and water fountains. The second element will consist of a five-level observation tower overlooking the sea and the project area, while the remaining element will offer a spacious interior cover to accommodate visitors during waiting periods.

Cycling Path and Pedestrian Walkway

Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

The Avenida Cobá cycling path will have a width of 2.10 meters, with a 1.8-kilometer roadway and a 1.70-meter-wide pedestrian walkway accompanied by a 1.30-meter-wide planter. Illumination, signage, and a native rock wall measuring 18,246 meters in length and half a meter in height (as well as 3,201 meters with a height of 1.80 meters) will delineate the path. The materials to be used include steel structures, concrete foundations, floors, and stairs, local stone, wood and/or bamboo for tower roofing, wooden flooring, concrete friezes, quarry and cement walls, bamboo ceilings, reinforced concrete slabs, palm or grass roofing, among others.

Enhanced Accessibility

The interior trails will enhance the accessibility to the Tulum Archaeological Zone, hotels, and beaches along the coastal strip. By renewing the pavement on the avenue, designated areas for motorists and cyclists will be segregated. Furthermore, the southern access to the coastal avenue will feature a pedestrian walkway spanning the initial 200 meters. Five modules will serve as transportation stops for visitors in this area.

Expansion to the North

Jaguar Park Receives a Whopping 1.6 Billion Pesos

To the north, adjoining the airport and the Tren Maya station, 5.71 hectares of land will be utilized to construct a direct road link to the Tulum Tren Maya station and a 480-meter-long aerial bridge crossing the Cancun-Chetumal federal highway. Furthermore, this area will house a service and equipment center, along with facilities for the National Guard, the Secretariat of National Defense, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection, and the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. An on-site museum, power plant, visitor center, and parking lot will be situated on the former airstrip.

Sustainable Measures

Each service module will incorporate a system for capturing, treating, and utilizing rainwater, along with purified water stations, a rain garden with native vegetation, and a biodigester for primary wastewater treatment.

The ambitious Jaguar Park project represents a crucial endeavor in Quintana Roo’s commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable tourism. Through careful planning, the park aims to provide an exceptional experience for visitors while safeguarding the fragile ecosystems of the Mayan jungle. The integration of ecological conservation, educational initiatives, and low-impact recreational activities will ensure that the park becomes a model for sustainable development in the region.

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