April 6, 2024
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Friends of Sian Ka’an Advocate for Thoughtful Tourism in Muyil

TULUM, Mexico – Following the designation of Maya Ka’an as a rural tourism potential zone, advocates from Friends of Sian Ka’an are urging the government to ensure that communities like Muyil are not overwhelmed by mass tourism.

Gonzalo Merediz Alonso, the director of Friends of Sian Ka’an, emphasized that there are several communities that lack the capacity to accommodate massive tourism, such as Muyil, the gateway to Maya Ka’an.

“When you visit Muyil right now, you can see that a significant number of people are arriving, which is not aligned with our objectives. I believe it is crucial to manage the situation around the Tren Maya (Maya Train) and secure funding for different areas to address wastewater treatment,” stated Merediz Alonso.

Muyil, a community within the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, serves as the entrance to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and the Maya Ka’an destination. Currently, it is undergoing substantial transformations due to the construction of the Tulum International Airport and the Maya Train’s segment 6 station.

Friends of Sian Ka’an Advocate for Thoughtful Tourism in Muyil

Local residents have noted that the area is experiencing one of the most significant shifts in its history, particularly as new populations have moved in.

In response to the state executive’s announcement regarding new plans for Muyil, Merediz Alonso emphasized the vital importance of analyzing the community’s situation. He stressed that Muyil should not be developed in the same manner as other destinations, like Tulum.

Nevertheless, he also highlighted that positioning Maya Ka’an in this context provides it with improved legal certainty, thereby ensuring safeguards for the destination.

Friends of Sian Ka’an Advocate for Thoughtful Tourism in Muyil

“This aspect is of utmost significance, as it offers Maya Ka’an legal certainty and a stronger public policy framework. A series of modifications have been made to the Tourism Law, and these instruments contribute to the enhancement of these rural destinations,” he mentioned.

The empowerment of Maya Ka’an has positive implications for the communities of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and José María Morelos. The current visitors have a minimal impact, arriving from various parts of the world.


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