April 6, 2024
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Cold fronts leave Tulum beaches free of sargassum

Due to the recent cold fronts, the tons of sargassum that were expected to arrive on the beaches of Tulum have drifted away, and the sandy beaches have regained their beauty after months of being affected by the accumulation of this seaweed.

According to the daily report from the Quintana Roo Sargassum Monitoring Network, the 10 beach points in Tulum, from Akumal to the Maya Arch, currently have a moderate to very low status in terms of the presence of the seaweed.

As for the Mezzanine, Maya, Pescadores, and Santa Fe beaches within the Tulum National Park, they have been practically free of sargassum for a few days now.

Tourism service providers reported that there was a holiday weekend and the decrease in sargassum accumulation motivated the arrival of more beachgoers and therefore better profits.

They mentioned that while it was not a significant economic windfall, it was positive after weeks of complications due to the abundant presence of sargassum.

Tourism workers acknowledged that it is challenging for the lack of seaweed to last for a long time, but they will take advantage of this good streak of increased national and international visitors.

Nautical sector reports a challenging quarter

Cold fronts leave Tulum beaches free of sargassum

The nautical sector reports that the first four months of 2023 have been some of the worst in terms of economic profits in recent years. They have been affected by the numerous climate changes, sargassum accumulation, and the ongoing construction works within the Jaguar National Park.

Local boatman Patricio Tuz explained that, due to weather conditions, they have suspended their activities several times during the first four months of the year.

He mentioned that another factor affecting the number of visitors was the abundant accumulation of sargassum from January to April, as well as the complications caused by the ongoing construction works for the rescue and conservation of the Jaguar National Park. However, despite all of the above, he remains optimistic and believes that these changes will have favorable long-term effects.

“Since the beginning of this year, we have experienced ups and downs, partly due to climate change, the impact of sargassum, and the ongoing construction works in the National Park. We hope that these works will be beneficial because changes are always for the better. We will wait for all this work to be completed and then see the results,” emphasized the boatman.


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