April 6, 2024
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18,450 Tons of Sargassum Banished from Quintana Roo’s Shores

TULUM, México – The Secretaría de Marina (SEMAR) has made remarkable strides along the coast of Quintana Roo in 2023. With unwavering dedication and cutting-edge technology, a staggering 18,450 tons of this troublesome seaweed have been extracted from Quintana Roo’s pristine shores. This commendable endeavor, which commenced on July 11th and culminated on July 24th, showcases the indomitable spirit of Mexico’s maritime forces and their commitment to safeguarding the region’s vibrant marine ecosystem.

As the relentless waves brought ashore heaps of sargassum, posing a significant threat to the region’s biodiversity and tourism industry, Semar rose to the challenge. Their strategic approach involved deploying a fleet of 12 state-of-the-art sargassum collection vessels, aptly named “sargaceros,” which have proven to be invaluable in the ongoing battle against this ecological menace. Coupled with an impressive 9,050 meters of advanced anti-sargassum barriers, the Mexican Navy’s efforts have redefined the fight against the invasive seaweed.

18,450 Tons of Sargassum Banished from Quintana Roo's Shores

But the operation’s success goes beyond the mere deployment of machinery; it is also a testament to the manpower and dedication of the 1,950 individuals actively participating in the campaign. Among them are skilled mariners, environmentalists, and volunteers, all working harmoniously to safeguard the natural beauty of Quintana Roo’s coastal gems. Their tireless efforts underscore the importance of collective action in tackling environmental challenges.

Semar’s meticulous data collection has shed light on the distribution of resources across the affected municipalities. The vibrant bustle of Benito Juárez witnesses the presence of two sargassum collection vessels, whose crews courageously face the daunting tides. The idyllic shores of Isla Mujeres are watched over by another dedicated sargacero, its crew serving as guardians of this island paradise.

18,450 Tons of Sargassum Banished from Quintana Roo's Shores

Further south, the city of Othón P. Blanco boasts a commendable three sargassum collection vessels, complemented by 1,850 meters of barrier, serving as a formidable line of defense. Meanwhile, in Puerto Morelos, two vigilant sargaceros stand tall, armed with 2,400 meters of barrier to fend off the relentless tides of sargassum.

Solidaridad, with its lush coastal scenery, benefits from two sargassum collection vessels and a substantial 2,500 meters of protective barrier. Lastly, Tulum, known for its archaeological wonders, boasts two vigilant vessels and a protective barrier spanning an impressive 2,300 meters.

18,450 Tons of Sargassum Banished from Quintana Roo's Shores

This multifaceted operation is a testament to Mexico’s commitment to preserving its natural treasures. Not only does it provide a practical solution to the sargassum problem, but it also stands as a symbol of hope for other regions grappling with similar environmental challenges. Semar’s determination to protect Quintana Roo’s pristine coastline serves as an inspiration to coastal communities worldwide.


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