April 6, 2024
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Mayan Train: work on Cancun – Tulum route suspended again

The First District Judge in the State of Yucatan determined the provisional suspension of the works of Section 5 North and South of the Mayan Train, which includes the route from Cancun to Tulum, this was communicated by the Sélvame del Tren movement.

“As of today, any act that has as its purpose the continuation of logging or clearing in the indicated lands must be suspended or paralyzed, so that the removal or destruction of the flora of the land is not allowed,” reads the communiqué.

According to the information shared by Sélvame, the judge based his decision on article 68, section one of the General Law for Sustainable Development.

As REPORTUR.mx reported, UN experts expressed their concern about the 1,500 kilometer Tren Maya project in the Yucatan peninsula, as it could endanger the rights of indigenous peoples and other communities to land and natural resources, cultural rights and the right to a healthy and sustainable environment. (Tren Maya: UN asks AMLO to respect human rights).

“Human rights defenders who raise concerns about negative impacts face threats and attacks and very limited safe access to an independent and impartial tribunal,” the experts said at the time.


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