April 6, 2024
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Guardia Nacional Takes the Helm: Safety Integral to Tren Maya’s Journey

TULUM, México – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador provided crucial insights into the multifaceted development of the Tren Maya project. Beyond the rapid progress on its construction, the president emphasized the parallel efforts to establish a robust security framework spanning the entire route. This visionary strategy incorporates the deployment of the Guardia Nacional and encompasses an array of measures, including specialized security elements, strategically positioned headquarters, and aerial surveillance, reflecting a comprehensive initiative to safeguard the Tren Maya’s operations.

López Obrador highlighted the unequivocal commitment to environmental preservation, particularly of the picturesque beaches along the Varine coast, which stand as the quintessential allure for the throngs of tourists that annually flock to Cancun. A staggering influx of thirty million visitors converges on Cancun each year, dwarfing the local population of a mere two million residents. This dichotomy underscores the imperative to strike a delicate balance between tourism-driven economic progress and responsible ecological stewardship.

One of the pivotal cornerstones of this grand endeavor is the president’s assertion that the Tren Maya is far from a conventional infrastructure undertaking. It stands as a testament to Mexico’s self-sufficiency and determination, having been conceived and realized without the crutch of international financing or the concession of operations to profit-driven entities. Instead, the Tren Maya will be under the capable management of the SEDENA, a commitment fortified by the seamless integration of comprehensive security measures into its operational fabric. Collaborating closely with the governor, the administration is steadfast in its pursuit of a secure Tren Maya experience.

Guardia Nacional Takes the Helm: Safety Integral to Tren Maya's Journey

The president lauded the current state of security, reaffirming that no major hurdles have impeded progress. Quintana Roo’s crime statistics aptly attest to the climate of normalcy that envelops the region, providing a reassuring backdrop against which the Tren Maya project advances. The vigilant watch of the Guardia Nacional extends over pivotal locales, including the revered Parque Jaguar and the historic Tulum archaeological site. López Obrador’s poignant acknowledgment of the pivotal role security plays underscores the unshakable resolve to ensure the wellbeing of passengers and personnel alike.

Guardia Nacional Takes the Helm: Safety Integral to Tren Maya's Journey

Looking ahead, President López Obrador unveiled the ambitious timeline that will culminate in the completion of the Tren Maya project. Over the course of five years, a staggering 1,554 kilometers of rail will be seamlessly interwoven with a plethora of additional infrastructure components, including stations, stops, roads, bridges, viaducts, hotels, and natural parks. This multifaceted development blueprint is augmented by the concerted effort to restore and conserve all archaeological zones, a nod to the nation’s rich historical tapestry. The president radiated pride and enthusiasm as he proclaimed this undertaking to be an exceptional feat, a source of immense national pride that resonates deeply with the populace, transcending regional boundaries to embody a quintessentially Mexican triumph.


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