Tulum's Summer Revival: Hotels Predict 70% Boost in Guests

July 11, 2024
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Tulum's Summer Revival: Hotels Predict 70% Boost in Guests

Tulum’s Summer Revival: Hotels Predict 70% Boost in Guests

Tulum's hotel industry anticipates a remarkable rebound, aiming for 70% occupancy as vacationers flock to the paradise for sun-kissed summer holidays.
Tulum's Summer Revival: Hotels Predict 70% Boost in Guests

TULUM, México – In a recent interview with Adolfo Contreras, former president of the Tulum Hotel Association, it has been revealed that the region’s hospitality sector is witnessing a substantial surge in visitor arrivals to both coastal and central accommodations.

Over the past few months, the occupancy rate had plummeted to a mere 35%, resulting in severe economic setbacks for hoteliers. However, with a plethora of reservations already on the books, the industry is poised to reach a remarkable 70% occupancy level in the coming weeks.

Contreras emphasized that domestic tourists in Mexico frequently choose to book their stays directly through hotel receptions, further contributing to the increase in occupancy rates.

“While we observed a slow start to the high season last month, we are now witnessing a steady flow of visitors, and we hope to see further improvement this week. Our current occupancy rate stands at around 35%, but we anticipate reaching 60% to 70%,” he remarked.

Tulum's Summer Revival: Hotels Predict 70% Boost in Guests

The nationwide vacation period commenced a week ago, and though it began at a modest pace, it remains a crucial and much-needed period for the sector.

Addressing the duration of this surge in occupancy, Contreras expressed confidence that the hotels would maintain rates between 70% and 100% for the remainder of July and a significant portion of August, encompassing the peak vacation period.

However, he also noted that there are some challenges, such as the low influx of Canadian and American tourists, which constitute the largest segment of travelers to Mexico during all vacation seasons.

Tulum’s allure as a tropical paradise has long captured the imaginations of globetrotters seeking to immerse themselves in the turquoise waters and ancient ruins of this Mayan treasure. As the hospitality industry anticipates a robust revival, both tourists and hoteliers eagerly await the fulfillment of their summer dreams in Tulum’s sun-kissed embrace.

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