April 6, 2024
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Tulum Tourism Sector Eyes Summer Surge Amid Global Uncertainties

TULUM, México – Amid the commencement of the summer vacation season, various sectors offering tourism services in Tulum are eagerly awaiting an upswing in traveler numbers, anticipating an improvement in their economic fortunes.

In light of this, Alejandro Escalante, sales agent at Yaxché store, shared that visitor flow remains sluggish but is expected to pick up in the coming weeks.

Tulum Tourism Sector Eyes Summer Surge Amid Global Uncertainties

“We are hopeful of a better influx of tourism; we’ve begun to witness a certain increase, albeit not as much as desired. Nevertheless, we hold high hopes that these numbers will improve as both local tourists and foreign families start arriving. Let us hope that in the upcoming weeks, we witness a surge in the consumption of tourism services,” he remarked.

Despite a slow start to the summer vacations, tour operators are optimistic that the season, which extends until mid-August, will bear fruit.

Challenges of the season

Tulum Tourism Sector Eyes Summer Surge Amid Global Uncertainties

Escalante added that they are confident of overcoming global challenges such as economic fluctuations, the European war, the political crisis in the United States, and the exacerbation of certain security incidents in the state of Quintana Roo.

Meanwhile, Eulogio Cauich, a tour vendor, expressed that they have experienced challenging months with the low season and are hopeful of an economic recovery during the summer vacation period.

Cauich explained that currently, they are operating at 25 to 30 percent of their normal capacity, but with an increase in tourist inflow, this figure could reach 60 percent. He shared their aspirations of generating profits that will cover the operational expenses of their business, eliminating the need to dip into their savings.


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