April 6, 2024
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From Tulum to AlUla: AZULIK’s Epic Journey Continues with Their First Saudi Arabian Venture

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is set to develop a new resort as part of the Journey Through Time (JTT) masterplan, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability and aligning with the Sustainability Charter for AlUla, Saudi Green Initiative, and Vision 2030.

Introducing the magnificent AZULIK AlUla Resort, an eco-luxury property located in the Nabatean Horizon District of the JTT masterplan. Nestled within canyons near the AlMutadil Equestrian Village development and Wadi AlFann, an ancient valley soon to showcase large-scale artworks, this resort aims to open its doors in 2027. Encompassing the essence of luxury, the resort will feature 76 exquisite villas, each offering a unique experience. Additionally, it will boast a spa, VIP club, welcome lounges, all-day dining options, and a SFER IK museum. The resort’s design draws inspiration from the surrounding natural ecosystem and sandstone cliffs, with undulating exteriors incorporating natural materials and intricately woven fibers.

From Tulum to AlUla: AZULIK's Epic Journey Continues with Their First Saudi Arabian Venture
AZULIK AlUla Resort will feature 76 luxury villas launching by 2027.

AZULIK AlUla Resort seeks to forge a deep connection with AlUla’s heritage, ecology, and biodiversity. To achieve this, the development will preserve and integrate nearby ancient rock art inscriptions. Moreover, it will utilize the existing waterways to establish an efficient irrigation system and safeguard against floods. To enhance guests’ experience of the surroundings, the resort prohibits private vehicle traffic and provides an all-electric mobility system, horse and camel routes, and scenic hiking trails.

Operated by the esteemed Mexican luxury brand AZULIK and designed by Roth Architecture, the resort guarantees an elegant stay for guests while generating socio-economic benefits for the AlUla community. Upon its full operation, the AZULIK AlUla Resort is projected to create over 300 job opportunities. In line with its commitment to regional growth, the resort will primarily source local materials and engage local contractors for construction purposes, fostering economic development in AlUla and the wider Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From Tulum to AlUla: AZULIK's Epic Journey Continues with Their First Saudi Arabian Venture
Designed in line with the AlUla Sustainability Charter, the resort will connect guests with
surrounding natural and human heritage.

Expressing his enthusiasm, John Northen, RCU Vice President of Hotels and Resorts, stated, “AZULIK AlUla embodies sustainability and reverence for the natural and cultural heritage surrounding this remarkable property. Together with its proximity to the AlMutadil Equestrian Village and Wadi AlFann, both currently in development, this resort contributes to AlUla’s growth as a premier destination, in accordance with our Journey Through Time master plan.”

Roth, the Founder and CEO of AZULIK, expressed gratitude and respect as the brand embarks on a journey to AlUla. Rooted in the region’s distinctive natural landscape, this project holds profound significance both for AZULIK and its core values. Roth confidently looks forward to a remarkable collaboration that aligns with the vibrant heritage and culture of AlUla.

About the Royal Commission for AlUla

From Tulum to AlUla: AZULIK's Epic Journey Continues with Their First Saudi Arabian Venture
The development will drive socioeconomic benefits including more than 300 new jobs.

Established by royal decree in July 2017, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is dedicated to the preservation and development of AlUla—a region of exceptional natural and cultural importance in north-west Saudi Arabia. The RCU’s long-term plan prioritizes responsible, sustainable, and sensitive urban and economic development, while safeguarding the area’s natural and historical heritage. Its goal is to establish AlUla as an attractive place to live, work, and visit. The RCU oversees a wide range of initiatives spanning archaeology, tourism, culture, education, and the arts, in line with the economic diversification, local community empowerment, and heritage preservation objectives of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program.

About Roth Architecture

Roth Architecture, founded and led by Roth, the visionary behind AZULIK, is an internationally acclaimed architectural firm. It embraces a design philosophy that places nature preservation at the forefront. As a creative team, their focus is to discover original and eco-centric solutions to meet the everyday needs of life. Through thoughtful reflection on architecture and its functionality, the studio aims to offer possibilities that harmoniously integrate the natural and the architectural. By considering the dynamics of inhabitants within a space, they create immersive atmospheres that seamlessly blend natural elements with low-impact architectural structures.



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