April 6, 2024
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What is “Promeza”? The Program That Caused the Temporary Closure of the Archaeological Site

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), along with the Ministry of Culture, unveiled in mid-2022 the details of the Archaeological Zone Improvement Program, known as Promeza.

As the name suggests, it promises to strengthen the infrastructure of the sites that will see an increase in tourism with the operation of the Mayan Train, as there will be great proximity to the route that connects the destinations in southeastern Mexico.

This program will have a total investment of MXN 4 million 906 thousand, as it will include research, conservation, infrastructure, and services in 21 locations. Additionally, two new museums will be built in Chichen Itza and on the Pucc Route.

During President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s morning press conference, the director general of INAH, Diego Prieto Hernandez, mentioned that the investment in archaeological salvage aspects of the Mayan Train project will amount to MXN 248 million, including the MXN 4 million for Promeza.

“It represents a historic opportunity for the valorization of the cultural heritage of the region,” said the head of the institute.

What is

In Section 1, the archaeological sites of Palenque, Chiapas; El Tigre, Campeche; and Moral Reforma, Tabasco are included. Section 2 includes Edzna and Isla Jaina in the state of Campeche.

Sections 3 and 4 will pass through various areas of Yucatan such as Uxmal, the Pucc Route, Labna, Chichen Itza, among others. Section 5 will pass through the El Meco area and the Tulum-Tankah, Coba, and Muyil routes in Quintana Roo.

For sections 6 and 7, there will be arduous work of research, conservation, and infrastructure for the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul in Campeche, which is part of the World Heritage List.

Diego Prieto commented that in each of the referred sites, there will be teams led by archaeologists and restorers of the institution, who will carry out diagnostic processes, excavation, research, and conservation.

Furthermore, actions will be taken to expand visits, strengthen service units, and construction. Rehabilitation, renewal, and improvement plans for infrastructure, services, hydrosanitary and electrical facilities will be developed, along with wastewater treatment plants.

What is

The director of INAH emphasized that work will be done on the executive project for the construction of two new museums. The first will have a built area of 2,400 square meters, and the second will have 1,600 square meters, with 58% dedicated to exhibition and 42% to services.

Promeza will contribute to the rehabilitation of spaces and introductory rooms of existing museums and will incorporate new information, didactic, explanatory, playful, and inclusive resources for the museum tour, as well as multimedia resources.

Finally, Prieto Hernandez pointed out that the first results of the project promises will be tangible until March of next year, while the Catvis and museums will be completed in December 2022.

What is

In these locations, several discoveries resulting from the archaeological salvage tasks found on the Mayan Train sections will be showcased, including a few recorded in a cave in Section 4.

Various objects were found in some sites, such as a sgraffito jaguar bone found in Sacamucuy in Campeche and the stuccoed head of the young maize god found in Palenque.


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