April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s children learn about the care and preservation of wetlands

A group of elementary school students participated in a series of activities in which they learned about the importance of wetlands, which are a solution to climate change, capturing and storing twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests combined, and also protect us from natural catastrophes.

Also in the face of rising sea levels, they were told that coastal wetlands reduce the impact of hurricanes and tsunamis, fix the coastline and resist erosion. However, when drained and destroyed, they emit large amounts of carbon.

Tulum's children learn about the care and preservation of wetlands

Yuritzi Espino, manager of the Eco-Bahía Ecological Foundation, indicated that, along with their conservation programs, there must be greater diffusion of the ecosystems in Quintana Roo, and that is why together with the PA Academy school they carried out three activities in what was called “k ́ol Kaab in wotoch” | “My world, my home”.

One of the activities was “Tortuguero for a day”, in which they were able to learn more about these marine species in one of the most important natural processes, spawning. A simulation of the process of turtle arrival to the beach, nesting, and the way in which the turtle protection actions are carried out by the turtle farmers.

The activity consisted of moving the nest to a safe place. Each member had to plant the nest and place the corresponding signage to mark it and clean it, removing all the waste found.

Tulum's children learn about the care and preservation of wetlands

Another activity was “Environmental Ambassador”, in which the integration and application of the Sustainable Development Goals was carried out, evaluating which strategies help to reduce the effects of climate change. Waste was also searched for, including an analysis of microplastics.

“Explorer for a day”, consisted of a walk “in Tumben Lu ́um”, which allowed us to generate a visual, auditory and sensory link with all the textures of the Mayan Jungle, find and learn details from the smallest beetle, the strangest and most beautiful fungus, the snake that shines in many colors, the bird that sings at the top of its lungs.

Tulum's children learn about the care and preservation of wetlands

“We culminated a morning of interaction to awaken the curiosity of the little ones, to raise awareness, to respect, to care, to generate bonds of empathy and thus the protection of our environment. The students closed this activity with a contribution of ideas to carry out actions and contribute to climate change and ecosystem protection,” said Yuritzi Espino.


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