April 6, 2024
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The spirit of Tulum arrives to New York City with Zamna Festival

Constancy is a word that can define Zamna, work that has grown with the passage of time, gradually becoming a meeting point as well as growth within the community around it. A lifestyle that is reflected in the line ups that have managed to have, consolidating the place and the same destination as a point not only favorite, mandatory for the global electronic scene, which is represented by a huge influx of people who come together to party in the jungle.

In recent years Zamna Tulum has become the meeting point for a wide variety of musical events including some of the most famous electronic music parties in the world. A trend that this space is willing to maintain as a tradition every beginning of the new year, thus becoming the true epicenter of the electronic music scene.

Each Zamna event has been renewed, contemplating more and more aspects of everyday life within an event of this magnitude, which represents, for many a long wait to make this possible, professional audio on all stages, robotic lights, lasers, LED screens, stage with platform, from above can be seen as a stadium, From below, the space for sunrise dancing is adequate to achieve its goal, in which although you are inside the jungle is able to accommodate a significant amount of people dancing, enjoying at the same time, that although the heat of the location is presented regularly the same open space makes it a success at night.

The spirit of Tulum arrives to New York City with Zamna Festival

A complete experience for lovers of the night and the parties that end late, taking into account the amount of people attending, working and production, is always a challenge in a place like Tulum, from light, to get the minimum plug for any device Dj at night, which have overcome in a monumental way in each event with a production that makes the experience complete, visuals, decor, statues, mirrors, plants, Cenote, among many visual attractions that can be found.

Landing in New York for the first time

Zamna Festival lands for the first time in New York in 2023 for a new reunion never seen before. Don’t miss this beautiful night as Zamna Festival New York City takes over The Brooklyn Mirage on August 5th.

Tickets go on sale February 23 at 12pm EST.


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