April 6, 2024
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INAH’s Grand Plan to Expand the Archaeological Zone

TULUM, México – In an exciting development for the Tulum archaeological site, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has announced the opening of two new spaces as part of the Archaeological Zones Improvement Program (Promeza). These additions, named Nauyacas and Cresterías, will enhance the visitor experience at the site and are directly linked to the transformative Tren Maya project.

Diego Prieto, the director of INAH, revealed this significant news during a morning press conference on July 13. He emphasized that these modifications aim to elevate the quality of visits to the Tulum-Tankah archaeological complex, which is not only part of the Tulum National Park but has also been incorporated into the newly established Jaguar National Park. Undoubtedly, this region holds strategic importance within the comprehensive Tren Maya initiative.

INAH's Grand Plan to Expand the Archaeological Zone

The introduction of Nauyacas and Cresterías is set to captivate tourists and history enthusiasts alike. These architectural ensembles, which provide breathtaking views of the sea from atop imposing cliffs, promise an awe-inspiring experience. Beyond these additions, INAH has taken further steps to safeguard the site’s valuable heritage. Specialized actions are underway to conserve the vibrant mural paintings and stucco reliefs adorning various buildings. Additionally, significant efforts are being made to maintain the exposed structures, ensuring their preservation for public enjoyment.

Diego Prieto’s remarks underscore the institution’s ongoing commitment to the historical, cultural, and natural legacy of Tulum. Their vision prioritizes a sustainable, informed, and responsible form of tourism that generates employment opportunities and prosperity for the local population. By embracing this approach, Tulum becomes a shining example of how tourism and preservation can coexist harmoniously.

INAH's Grand Plan to Expand the Archaeological Zone

Visitors can eagerly anticipate immersing themselves in the rich history and enchanting surroundings of Tulum, as Nauyacas and Cresterías open their doors to the public. These additions mark a significant milestone in the development of Tulum’s archaeological treasures, enabling travelers to delve deeper into the captivating stories that the site has to offer. As tourists traverse the newly expanded grounds, they will not only witness architectural marvels but also contribute to the sustainable growth of the region.


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