April 6, 2024
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INAH announces two new archaeological sites in Tulum: Nauyacas and Cresterías

Diego Prieto, head of INAH, detailed the work being carried out in the archaeological zone of Tulum as part of the Promeza Archaeological Zone Improvement Program.

In a morning press conference, where the advances in the construction of Section 5 of the Maya Train were announced, Diego Prieto, general director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), announced that two new archaeological complexes will be opened north of Tulum, the Nauyacas Complex and the Cresterías Complex.

He expressed that as for the Archaeological Zones Improvement Program, the work being developed in the archaeological zone of Tulum, located in the Tulum National Park, which in turn is part of this great natural ecological park, which is the Jaguar Park, stands out.

He added that archaeological research and conservation tasks are being carried out, developing a new interpretation room, a small site museum, and we are renewing the site’s signage.

“And we are building what would be the Visitor Center, the ticket office area and services with the participation of Sedatu.”

In his participation, the head of INAH detailed the preservation works of the real estate and pieces that have been found in the excavations of Section 5 of the Mayan Train.

INAH announces two new archaeological sites in Tulum: Nauyacas and Cresterías
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He pointed out that another archaeological zone in which work is being done is Muyil, where the diagnosis for the conservation tasks in the buildings of the zone has been concluded.

“We are in the renovation of the signage, the improvement of the infrastructure,” he said.

“And the reconstruction of the ticket office area and services in general, including parking for visitors,” he added.

Regarding this set of sites he pointed out that an eco-archaeological corridor of Paamul II is going to be constituted, also incorporating this great cavern that was talked about earlier, which is Garra de Jaguar, Cueva de Las Manitas and Ocho Balas.

“There we are carrying out conservation, research and adaptation of this ecoarchaeological corridor,” he said.

INAH announces two new archaeological sites in Tulum: Nauyacas and Cresterías
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He informed that improvements are also planned for the Xel Há Archaeological Zone, including the improvement of visitor services.


Diego Prieto pointed out that with respect to the archaeological section “we are doing very well”, combining the most sophisticated engineering with the recovery and care of the archaeological heritage, and of course also the natural heritage in this region of the Yucatan Peninsula.

He informed that in the case of Section 5 South, the archaeological prospection has been concluded, that is to say, the identification of the remains to be preserved and recovered.


In this regard, he said that they have about 50 percent of the excavation and recovery tasks of the archaeological material that we are finding through the excavations themselves.

INAH announces two new archaeological sites in Tulum: Nauyacas and Cresterías
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So far, 7,188 structures and vestiges of immovable character have been registered and recovered, we have also been able to recover 132 archaeological objects of movable character, ceramics, lithic, figurines, which are basically intact, that is to say, complete;

As well as 8,878 ceramic fragments or sherds that are being analyzed in the laboratories that have been installed for this purpose.

A burial and 588 natural features associated with the development of human groups in the region that give us enormous information and are mainly caves, semi-flooded caves and cenotes.


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